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Enabling Auto Transcription using DeepSpeech Engine

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While video consumption continues to grow drastically, organizations have realized the importance of ensuring their content is not just reachable but accessible and decipherable to all of their audience. The message that is graphically presented in a video/audio needs to be made available in a manner that complements the flow of information. Through VIDIZMO's auto transcription service, customer organizations can auto-generate closed captions for their videos using our inbuilt transcription engine. In this article, we will show you how to enable VIDIZMO’s inbuilt auto transcription engine.

VIDIZMO also renders automatic, machine-generated transcriptions from transcoding providers such as Azure Media Services. To learn more, refer to the on How to Enable AMS' Machine Generated Transcriptions in VIDIZMO.

Before you start

  • You need to log in as Manager+ user to enable VIDIZMO inbuilt transcription engine.

Enabling Auto Transcription using DeepSpeech Engine

Auto transcription can be achieved by configuring the DeepSpeech transcription engine by following the below steps.


1. From the Portal Homepage;

i. Click on the navigation menu on the top left corner.

ii. Click on the Admin tab.

iii. Click Portal Settings, to open the portal settings page.

2. From the Portal Settings:

i. Click on Apps option, to expand it.

ii. Navigate to the Inbuilt Transcription Engine, and click to open it

iii. Click the gear icon for language configuration.

3. Now, from DeepSpeech Settings

i. Select English as the language (currently, VIDIZMO inbuilt transcription engine only supports the English Language).

ii. Click Save Changes.

4. In the Inbuilt Transcription Engine screen 

i. Click on the toggle button to turn on the transcription engine. 


A toast notification will be displayed, on the top-right side of the screen, confirming that your portal settings have been updated. 

Note: The Automated Closed Caption will be visible for the videos uploaded after enabling this functionality. Make sure if the Closed Caption CC button is set to on in the Player. To learn more about enabling Closed Caption, see: step 8 of How to Add Closed Captions 

Please contact the VIDIZMO support team in case of any difficulty.

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