Note: This article might be outdated due to the latest versions of VIDIZMO available. For more details, kindly contact our Support.
To help you make informed billing decisions when managing your VIDIZMO Account, you can view your Billing Reports with the ease of a single click. VIDIZMO provides monthly accumulated billing report for all portals under respective Account, which is generated on a daily basis. The report can be filtered on a quarterly, bi-annually and on an annual basis for a more thorough usage analysis. There are two ways in which the Billing Report can be viewed i.e. Monthly and History.

Only VIDIZMO Administrators are allowed to access Billing Reports of an Account, they can view their billing details against the following entities in VIDIZMO Account:

  • Total Portals in the Account.
  • Total registered Users in all Portals. 
  • Total Active Users per month, in regards to all authenticated users having specific roles in the Account actively using their respective Portals for that month. If a user's last logon has not been in the current month, then they will not be included in the active users count. An organization is primarily billed against its active users every month.
  • Storage: The amount of space allocated to store content on your local or cloud-based storage, measured in GB. 
  • Transcoding: The primary reason for transcoding/encoding is to ensure universal playback across all devices, players and browsers by creating multiple renditions of the uploaded media. The bandwidth consumed while producing different renditions of a video is measured in GB and the daily maximum consumption is recorded and billed accordingly which is then aggregated. Bandwidth is calculated once per day in case of CDN. Bandwidth and Transcoding costs are only applicable in case of deployment on the cloud and it is not for on-premise deployment models.
  • The total number of Administrators, Managers, Moderators, Contributors, and Viewers in your Account. If same user belongs to Account as well as Portal, higher role limit applies. For example, if John Doe is a Contributor in one Portal and a Viewer in another, he will be registered as a Contributor while accounting for number of registered users and allowed Administrators. To learn more about them, see: Understanding User Roles.

Note: VIDIZMO restricts uploading when the storage exceeds the allocated capacity, however, this does not impact other billing parameters. 

These parameters are classified by the following attributes:

  1. Consumed: This specifies the number of units consumed of the resources in a portal.
  2. Package Limit: The the maximum usage limit of the said resources per month. For example, the value against transcoding display the maximum bandwidth consumption allowed for processing in your Account. 
  3. Overage: The extent to which a resource has been used in excess against its package limit. When overage exceeds your package limit, you will be charged for the exceeded limit. 

By default, the current month's view is generated. A user can select any other month via the dropdown option.

Note: VIDIZMO restricts uploading when the storage exceeds the allocated capacity, however, this does not impact other billing parameters.

Note: If the consumption exceeds the package limit of the respective account, the Overage will be charged.

The History tab allows VIDIZMO Administrators to view and compare the Billing report for the last three months, last six months or for the last twelve months. This tab provides information/comparison about the allowed and consumed resources against every/any month.

Roles and Permissions

  • Only the Administrators of an Account can view the Billing tab.