VIDIZMO provides an option for its users to report a media if they think that the content of the media is inappropriate, offensive or abusive. Moreover, users can ask queries and provide suggestions on the media.

Portal's Moderator+ roles are prompted to check the content of the reported media and if any media violates a rule or has inappropriate content, Moderator+ roles have complete authority to take down any media.


1. From the Portal's Homepage or Media Library:

i. Click on the video thumbnail to open the Playback page.

2. From the Playback page:

i. Click on the Report Issue icon.

ii. Provide Feedback and Message input fields are loaded for you to provide feedback.

iii. From the Provide Feedback drop-down, select a reason which is closest to your argument. These options include:

  • Suggest an Improvement
  • Report an issue
  • Ask a question
  • Abusive
  • Other

iv. You can also enter additional notes related to your concern in the Message field.

v. Click on the Submit button when done. 

A notification appears briefly to indicate successful submission of the request.

4. Clicking on the Submit button generates an email for the Portal Admin which contains the reported issue for evaluation. Please allow up to 24 hours for this Media to be reviewed. 

Note: A user can report issue from the Homepage or Media Library  by hovering over the media and selecting the Report Issue in the overflow menu.

Roles and Permissions