Frequently Asked Questions

  • How To Submit Support Ticket

    You can report issues, acquire help, or submit support tickets on VIDIZMO Help Portal. Our Technical support team will ensure that the issue is resolved at the earliest. 

    VIDIZMO Help Portal contains all support articles that can be searched to resolve the issue before submitting the ticket through the ticket submission window. You can access the resources directly from your Account as described below or login to the VIDIZMO Help Portal.

    When a ticket is received, it is assigned to a support team member automatically. A user can log into VIDIZMO Help to track the status and progress of their ticket.

    Here is how you can submit a support ticket.


    1. Visit

    2. Click on the “Create New Ticket” button below the search bar


    3. A form will open;

    1. Enter your email address.
    2. Enter your phone number.
    3. Enter subject
    4. Select Type (Question, Problem, Incident, Feature Request or Task)
    5. Select Priority (Low, Medium, High or low)
    6. Enter your message explaining an issue in the Description box, which requires a solution or inquiry regarding a feature.


    4. Submit the form

  • What is VIDIZMO?

    VIDIZMO is an Enterprise Video Content and Digital Media Management Platform & Portal that allows customers to ingest, store, distribute and analyze live and on-demand video, and other digital media assets such as images, audios, documents, PPT, etc., to both internal and external targeted audiences with security and reliability. VIDIZMO platform is highly flexible and works with all devices, different tools, and platforms that may already be in use, and provides solutions for corporate communication, training, marketing, asset management, and digital evidence management. VIDIZMO offers following products, each solution has its unique features and is completely customizable to fit customers’ use cases:

  • How do I get started with VIDIZMO?

    You can request a Free Trial or a demo of VIDIZMO’s EnterpriseTube, Virtual Academy and Digital Evidence Management by Contacting Us or send us an email at You can also buy VIDIZMO Virtual Machine from Azure Marketplace and AWS Marketplace in your cloud subscription.

  • How do I Purchase VIDIZMO Trial Account?

    In order to get your VIDIZMO Free Trial Account, you can contact us here or send us your request on We will get back to you soon.

  • How do I Give Feedback on VIDIZMO Trial Account?

    In order to give feedback on your VIDIZMO Trial account, you can contact us here or send us your feedback on We will get back to you soon.

  • What is included in the Free Trial?

    Free 7-days Trial includes fully functional EnterpriseTube, Virtual Academy, and Digital Evidence Management on the cloud with 100 Registered Viewers /10 Active Viewers, 1 Admin / 1 Manager,  20 GB Bandwidth, 5 GB Storage & 1GB Encoding.

    Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about the Free Trial

  • What is covered in a Paid Pilot Program?

    Paid Pilot Programs are available for EnterpriseTube, Virtual Academy and Digital Evidence Management with professional services, customization, and testing within your local environment. Contact Us or send us an email at to start a Paid Pilot Program with your requirements.

  • How do I cancel/ delete or disable VIDIZMO Trial account?

    VIDIZMO trial account will be automatically deleted after 30 days. However, in order for you to disable or delete your VIDIZMO Trial account before that, you can contact us here or send us a request to have your trial account deleted at Please state the reason for closing the account.

    Note: After your request, you will have access to the account for a predefined grace period. Once your Trial Account is deleted, your access will be irreversibly revoked.

  • Can I try VIDIZMO integration options during the Free Trial period?

    It depends on – VIDIZMO integrations may require manual steps to install the software in customer environments, therefore they are offered as a part of the paid Pilot Program.

  • How can I continue using VIDIZMO products if my Free Trial has expired?

    Requests to increase the Free Trial period are decided on an individual basis. Please contact us to submit a request to extend Free Trial.

  • Do I need to download and install any software during the Free Trial account?

    No. Any latest HTML5 browser can be used to upload and playback videos and other digital media assets. Most modern authoring tools have the ability to export HTML5 and will not require any browser plug-in to playback on modern browsers.

    Please check VIDIZMO Service Specification page for details

  • What type of customer support is offered by VIDIZMO?

    VIDIZMO team is available to provide support to its customers in several ways:

    • Online Help Center: A self-service knowledge base that gets you started with VIDIZMO service, how-to articles, troubleshooting issues, a list of FAQs, developer documentation.
    • Live Chat: VIDIZMO live help chat available 24/7 to serve VIDIZMO’s clients and visitors.
    • Email Support: You can send your queries at
    • Phone Support: Phone support is available for premium customers. Please contact your VIDIZMO sales representative for further details.
    • Knowledge Base Videos: VIDIZMO has knowledge base Videos where customers can find How-To Videos, Scenario-Based Videos, and Press-Release Videos.  

    Also, you can get the latest update about VIDIZMO through:

    The VIDIZMO Blog: VIDIZMO Blog provides you the insider’s view on how to get the most out of VIDIZMO

    VIDIZMO Groups: Join our VIDIZMO Groups on LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook

  • Would I need any expertise to use VIDIZMO?

    As an Administrator and Manager:

    To author content, you should have experience creating PowerPoint presentations or use tools like Movie Maker, iMovie, etc. Ability to record video using a simple camera, video upload, and video editing capabilities are certainly a plus.

    As a Moderator:

    Skills as stated for viewers also with the ability to decipher and manage abusive or unrelated media uploaded by user-generated content (USG).

    As a Contributor:

    As a contributor, one should have the ability to create and/or share the right content with the right audience by uploading it in the portal.

    As a Viewer:

    Basic computer skills such as the ability to launch a browser and log in to the portal are required.

  • Which video format are supported by VIDIZMO Products?

    VIDIZMO products support a range of input file formats, please visit VIDIZMO’s Service Specifications for a complete list of supported formats.


    All uploaded audios and videos are encoded into multiple pre-configured formats and resolutions to allow playback on various devices, browsers, and bandwidths.

    A Typical 1080p uploaded video will be encoded into 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p, 240p in MPEG4, HLS, WebM and Microsoft Smooth Streaming formats to ensure playback on all devices, browsers, and bandwidth conditions.

  • What is Encoding?

    All uploaded videos and audios, irrespective of the uploaded format, are encoded into multiple pre-configured formats and resolutions to allow playback on various devices, browsers, and bandwidths.

  • Which devices are supported for playback?

    Any latest device supporting HTML5 browser can be used to upload and playback video.

    Please check VIDIZMO Service Specification page for further details.

  • Can I playback video on mobile devices?

    Yes, video playback is seamless on mobile devices using your device’s original browser with HTML5.

  • What happens if I go over my monthly viewing limit?

    VIDIZMO offers two options if you go over the monthly viewing limit. One is that the content will keep playing and any overages for active users, storage, bandwidth and encoding will be billed according to your plan. Another option is that VIDIZMZO will stop allowing users to log in to the platform. Customers can choose either option as per their preferences.

  • Where would I get information on latest updates & patches?

    If VIDIZMO is hosted on the cloud, the latest updates and patches will be automatically updated.

    If VIDIZMO is hosted in a hybrid or on-premises model, then updates will be made available as per the service agreement between VIDIZMO and your organization.

  • What is the minimum bandwidth required for live Video?

    512 KBPS is the minimum recommended bandwidth to view live streaming.

  • Does VIDIZMO offer solution for network congestion and bandwidth issues?

    Yes – VIDIZMO CDN Connector addresses network congestion and bandwidth issues faced by your internal (behind a firewall) and external (internet) viewers in various scenarios.

    If you plan to install VIDIZMO On-Premises and would like to stream content on the public network, you will need a CDN Connector to provide a smooth viewing experience to your viewers.

    In another scenario, you may be using VIDIZMO Cloud or VIDIZMO Hybrid with a large number of VIDIZMO users situated within a couple of buildings causing network congestion issues. CDN Connector will cache Cloud content at each location, and all subsequent requests will be served locally. This will save enormous bandwidth costs while providing a smooth viewing experience to viewers inside these buildings

  • How does VIDIZMO define a ‘User’ for its licensing?

    Any user registered in your VIDIZMO account with “Active Status” within a given billing month is considered as a VIDIZMO user and consumes a user license.

    And VIDIZMO also offers Active user model which means any registered/ authenticated users logging into VIDIZMO to perform any function within a given calendar month are, therefore, considered “Active Users”. This model allows organizations to pay only for in-use CAL (Client Access Licenses).

    User roles and activation/deactivation can be managed using the user management console within your VIDIZMO Account.

  • What are types of Users, Roles in VIDIZMO?

    Roles are granted permissions which enable users of that specific role to perform various functions within the application. The assigned permissions define a particular function within the Portal. For instance, a manager is likely to have permissions relevant to managing VIDIZMO Portals.

    VIDIZMO's default user roles include:

    • Administrators
    • Managers
    • Moderators
    • Contributors
    • Viewers
    • Anonymous

    Note: Public/Anonymous Access is not applicable for Digital Evidence Management Product.

    Learn more to Understand User Roles

  • What are uploaded and published content?

    Uploaded Content

    • Uploaded content could be any Digital Asset/Media i.e. video, audio, images, documents, etc. and incoming content from integrated platforms like LMS, VCS, etc.
    • Uploaded content is only viewable by Administrators and Managers

    Published Content

    • Similarly, published content could be any  Digital Asset/ Media i.e. video, audio, documents, etc. and incoming content from integrated platforms like LMS, VCS, etc., however, viewable to anyone with the appropriate viewing rights.
    • Published content has to be first uploaded, or could be simultaneously uploaded and published for quick viewing

  • What are Digital Media/ Assets?

    Popular Digital Media/ Assets supported by VIDIZMO are:

    • Videos
    • Audios
    • Images
    • Documents


    For a full list of supported Digital Media/ Assets, please scroll down to see ‘Supported File Formats’ on VIDIZMO’s Service Specification page.

  • How to upload Digital Media/ Assets?

    To upload a single or multiple digital asset(s), you may click ‘Add New’ in the VIDIZMO header and click ‘Upload Media’. 

    Learn more about  How to Upload Media.

  • Is there a limit on storage space?

    Storage space depends on the VIDIZMO deployment method:

    • VIDIZMO Cloud: Varies depending on you VIDIZMO Subscription Plan
    • VIDIZMO Hybrid or VIDIZMO On-Premises: Content is stored on your servers and storage in your control

  • Where are my uploaded Digital Media/ Assets stored?

    The storage location depends on VIDIZMO deployment method:

    • VIDIZMO Cloud: Digital assets are stored in on Windows Azure Cloud Operating System

          Windows Azure Cloud Operating system is used to store and serve all your content through super-fast Microsoft data centers, providing security, scalability, and cost-effectiveness

    • VIDIZMO Hybrid or VIDIZMO On-Premises: Digital assets may reside inside your firewall or on your preference of Cloud operating system, depending on your requirements and configuration

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