A Playlist is a collection of audio and video media files.

Moderator+ roles can create multiple playlists in VIDIZMO to organize audio/video content. When Viewer selects a playlist for playback, only those files are played which belong to the relevant playlist. Thus, the content can be organized into different playlists to ensure easy access. 

To learn more about playlists, click on Understanding Playlist.

Here is how you can create and edit a playlist:


Creating a Playlist

1. To add any media, click on the red (+) icon towards the bottom right-hand corner.

2.  The Add New Media screen offers options to upload various types of media. Click on the Create Playlist to start creating a playlist.

3. Clicking on the Create Playlist from the Add New Media screen takes you to the Published Media screen, where all your previously published media are listed.

i. In a Playlist, you can add audio or video files.

ii. Add media by selectively dragging and dropping the files on the left to create your Playlist. Drag and move the sequence of the media in this window for the playlist to play in the desired order.

iii. The Next button is disabled as the system will not allow you to move on to the next step unless you provide a title to your playlist in the Title field (marked with an asterisk to indicate a required field).

iv. Enter a title for your Playlist in the Title field. 

v. When you are done selecting your media for this playlist, click on the Next button to go to the Media Settings.

4. Clicking on the Create Playlist from the Add New Media screen takes you to the Published Media screen, where all your previously published media are listed. After entering the basic metadata, select the Publish tab to set up Playlist criteria.

i. The Publish Tab for Playlists allow you to set up the following additional settings:

- Autoplay: Autoplay enables users to start viewing content as soon as the payer loads on the viewer's screen.

- Enforce Completion: Enforce Completion allows you to force viewers to first completely view the media in the list before moving on to the next file in the playlist. If this option is enabled, the media listed later in the list is also disabled (greyed out) and not available for viewing even if the viewer wishes to view it.

- Auto Advance: Enabling this feature allows viewers to watch media one after the other without having to manually select from the list.

- Loop: As the name suggests, the playlist will loop back to the first after playing back the last media on the list. All the media files continue to play in a loop until the playlist is paused or stopped manually.

ii. Save your settings using the Save button and move on to define Access, Sharing, and Custom settings. To learn more about Media Settings, click here on How To Upload Media.

Note: The Playlist thumbnail is set automatically according to the first content of the playlist (if the video is playable video in HTML5). However, you can also upload your own image as a thumbnail. To learn more, click here on How To Capture And Upload Media Thumbnail.

5. Once you have completed setting up your Playlist, it will become available on the Media Manager with the rest of the Published Media. Click on the Playlist to open it on the playback screen.

6. On the Playback screen:
i. The media in the playlist is listed in a window on the right of the player.

ii. You can use the overflow menu to Like, Add to Favorites or Share the Playlist directly from here.

iii. The information tab provides details on the media currently being played.

Edit a Playlist

You can easily edit a playlist from the Media Manager. Here is a step by step guide on how to edit a playlist: 

1. Using a Manager+ role, log in and navigate to the Media Manager:

i. Select a playlist to edit 

ii. Click on the Edit Playlist button from the options under Selected Video window on the left-hand side.


2. The Playlist opens in edit mode:

i. You can add, delete, or change the content order of your existing playlist.
ii. Click on Next button to open the Media Settings screen

3. You can change media settings of your playlist if required. Click on Save and Close.

4. On the Playback page, you can find the content added to the Playlist as highlighted below.

Roles and Permissions

Contributors, Moderators, Managers and Administrators can create and edit playlists.