VIDIZMO allows you to update your organizational details and monitor the usage of your Account by viewing the billing information. 


VIDIZMO allows you to provide the details about your Portal under the Organization tab. The information updated here is populated in the Contact Us tab via Homepage. These details can be updated by the user and comprises of the following:

  1. Organization Name: The user can define the organization name. By default, the organization name entered while creating an Account is reflected here. When accessed within the scope of the Portal, the Portal's name is reflected here.
  2. Country/Region: The user can select the country from a drop-down list.
  3. State/Province: Based on the country chosen, a user can select the state from a drop-down list.
  4. City: A user is required to define the city where the organization resides.
  5. Contact Email: The email address defined here receives the default notifications such as user sign-up, Portal creation etc. A user can also subscribe to custom notifications defined in the User Profile. 
  6. Support URL: You can define the support URL link to allow your Portal users to get in touch with you if they experience problems, desire new features or want to ask questions about your application. 


VIDIZMO allows the users to view their Billing information to make effective business decisions and utilize the resources in a scalable manner. The user can view the Billing report in two ways i.e. Monthly or History

  1. Monthly: To view information about the usage of resources for a specific month.
  2. History:  To compare and analyse information about the usage of resources for current and last months.

Each of these types are further discussed here: Billing Overview

Note: The Billing tab appears only under Portal Settings of the Account (parent-portal) page.

Permissions & Roles

  • Managers and Administrators can access and set the Organization details. 
  • Only the Administrators of an Account can view the Billing tab.