VIDIZMO allows users to centrally edit resource keys i.e. confirmation messages, alert notifications and other user prompts in all available languages within the application using Language Editor. This helps customer organizations incorporate their jargon and terminologies in the application language allowing end-users to familiarize with the system more conveniently.

To learn more about it, see: Understanding Language Editor

Note:  The language editing feature in the application is only offered in a solution deployed on premise. 


Administrators and Managers are allowed to filter, view, search and edit resources in a Language Editor.   

From the Portal's Homepage

i. Click on the navigation menu on the top left of your screen. 

ii. Expand Admin tab. 

iii Click on Control Panel.



2. From the Control Panel screen: 

i. Select Language Editor 

ii. Click on the filter icon on the top left of your screen. 

iii. From language, you can select any of the available options using the dropdown list to edit its resources. The options have English. French, Spanish, Arabic. Selecting any one of them shall display values in that specific language. By default, all values are displayed in English – United States

iv. Hover over any key record to see edit icon appear under Action. Click it to enable text editor against the value of that resource under the selected language.

v. Update the value of the resource key as per your choice. 

vi. Click tick/cross to save/discard your changes. 


A notification will appear briefly stating: Language Resources Updated Successfully

vii. You can also filter your search by Modules. All resources are classified into their respective modules, which help users effectively gauge where does a resource belong in the application and what impact does it have. 

viii. Additionally, you can search resources on the basis of Key/Value

ix. After selecting, you can type in your query beside the dropdown to obtain required results.



Roles and Permissions 

Administrators and Managers can edit language resources within the application for main Account and all sub portals.