Evidence Submission is the core functionality of Digital Evidence Management Systems. Digital documents, emails, CCTV footages, video recordings, voice recordings are examples of information that can be collected through electronic devices and can be used effectively as evidence in a case. This digitally stored information is sensitive and can be lost easily if not preserved well. Therefore, to save it and store it into the right repository (case) is mandatory. So, this set of evidence can be presented in any legislative hearing. VIDIZMO's Digital Evidence Management System caters to all these requirements through its robust Submit Evidence functionality where nearly all sorts of digital evidence can be submitted easily. 

Before you start

  • By default, only Contributor+ user can submit evidence within a portal. However, this setting is configurable via Group Permissions.

Uploading an Evidence to a Case

1. From Home screen or My Cases section open the case, where the evidence submission is required, by clicking on the case.

(My case option is used in this article)

2. The case details page will be opened, where the user would be able to view uploaded evidence of the case – if any. In this screen;

i. Select Upload Evidence.

3. A new screen will be opened

i. Navigate to the folder, where evidence is stored, in your computer.

ii. Select the evidence to be uploaded.

iii. Click open.

Note: One can also select and submit evidence in bulk using ctrl + left click.

Note: The media rendering takes some time, therefore, the evidence thumbnail will be visible in a couple of minutes.

5. User is also capable of managing basic to advance evidence settings (based on their role in the platform), while it is uploading, by clicking on the Add New Evidence as shown in the above picture. This will take you to the below screen.

More information about how and what these settings entail: Understanding Media Settings 

Evidence Bulk Upload

1. In case of bulk upload of evidence select multiple evidence from your drive as we have done in step 3

i. Select Bulk Edit

ii. Select the Folder, where you want to submit the evidence in bulk. To learn more about Folders, read How to Manage Folders.

iii. From the predefined Tags, select the relevant tag(s). 

iv, Provide a suitable Description to the evidence. 

v. Click on Save and Close.

Adding an Existing Evidence to a Case

1. To quickly submit an Evidence, already part of your portal, to the selected case follow the steps below.

i. From the case details page, select + Add Evidence

ii. A new screen will be opened, write the name of the required evidence in the search bar.

iii. Click on the Add button, and the Evidence will be added to the case with its pre-defined settings and metadata.