Considering the volatility and vulnerability that surrounds the integrity of a media, it is imperative to take extra cybersecurity measures to eradicate any chances of loss of data, and minimize possible ways to misdirect the process of Enterprise Content Management system. VIDIZMO has also opted for an effective approach by including a detailed log to allow authorities to track and monitor the activities taking place on a media.

In VIDIZMO Enterprise Content Management system, to record the life of a media content from its acquisition and ingestion into the system to its secure disposition, a Activity Log report is generated. This is a formal assemblage of security-oriented chronological records that provide documented proof of the trail of activities that have been carried out within your portal or specifically on a media.

Activity logs can provide a means to help accomplish several security-oriented objectives, including an individual’s accountability, reconstruction of events taken on a specific media, and reliable transfer of access.


In Enterprise Video Content Management EVCM system, a media consists of several types of content related to organization's unstructured information which includes research reports, scanned images, marketing videos, meeting recordings, etc. This collection of media provides a holistic view of the content, allowing the organizations to organize the unstructured information according to the business needs and to eliminate dependence on the paper documents. This also allows the organizations to drive better customer service and increase overall productivity resulting in lesser organizational risk. One of the greatest concerns in managing huge unstructured information is the ability to track any unauthorized access or modifications on sensitive information. The absence of user activity logs can create complexities such as:

  • Who accessed the content?
  • When was the content accessed?
  • Which updates have been incorporated in the content with timestamp?
  • What was the content creation date and time?

Similarly, many other such interrogations can be readily taken care of using VIDIZMO's detailed activity logs.

The reports allow you to course through the activity logs to detect unauthorized activity on any media within the portal, and analyze record with detailed information such as:

  • The User (name) who carried out the activity
  • The Email Address of the user
  • IP Address using which the activity was performed
  • Local Date and Time at which the activity took place
  • The Event that was registered, which helps readily register the solemnity of the matter such as "Media Clipped"
  • The complete log of Changes that took place within that event, such as who and when updated the title of media "Media title has been changed from Title 123 to Title ABC"

Activity Logs - Media

In Enterprise Video Content Management systems, the management of media is an elementary need in which the optimization of user interactivity and accountability is of utmost importance. VIDIZMO empowers agencies and organizations to keep a track of an umbrella of activities upon an evidence to maintain an unmistakable report of its Users Activity Logs. 

Here is a clear segregation of all events registered 

Media Handling

  • Media Record Created: This event logs the following events when any media is ingested into the system:
    • Title
    • Author First Name
    • Author Last Name
    • Description
    • Tags associated with the media
    • Category in which the media was placed
    • Thumbnail modified
    • Default Viewing Access
    • Password Protection
    • Permission to Download, Share, Comment
    • Publish Status that can either take values: 
      • Published
      • Drafted
      • Pending for Approval
      • Rejected

  • Media Updated: This event is logged whenever properties of a media are modified, which include all above events:
    • Changeset is maintained about updates made to the above information e.g. Title changed from "ABC" to "DEF".

  • Media DownloadedThis activity is registered when a media is downloaded from the portal:
    • Changes further detail which rendition has been downloaded.

  • Media Purged: This event is logged when a media is completely purged from the content storage to the no point of recovery. 
  • Media Copied: This event is logged when media is copied from one portal to another.

Media Access

  • Access Rights Assigned: This event is logged whenever a media is given access to; either internally or externally. Learn more about assigning licenses to internal as well as external users here: How to Share Media with Internal/External Users and Groups. Following information is logged as details of the changes:
    • Users/Groups to whom the access has been provided or the Email Address of the external users to whom access has been provided.
    • Allowed number of views (if any)
    • The duration (number of days) for which access has been granted.

  • Access Rights Updated: This event is logged when already-assigned licenses are edited or altered:
    • Updated Users/Groups
    • Updated number of allowed views
    • Updated duration for which access has been granted.

  • Access Rights Revoked: This event is logged whenever an already-assigned license is deleted:

  • Shared Link via MailThis event is recorded when the link of a media is shared with an email address for quick reference. This entails that only if that user has the right to view the media, they will be able to access it via the URL, not otherwise.

Media Analysis

  • Media ViewedThis event is logged when a media is viewed via our playback page.

  • Added Media in my Favorites This event is logged when a media is added to favorites by a user for quick access
  • Comment AddedThis event is logged whenever any comments are added against a media. 
    • Changeset maintains the body of the text that was added as comments.

  • Comment Deleted: Whenever comments are deleted from a media this event is logged in the reports:
    • Changeset maintains the body of the text that was deleted.

  • Comment Updated: Upon updates to any existing comments against a media, this event is logged:
    • Changeset includes previous as well as new comment

Log Filtration for Custom Reporting

VIDIZMO's advanced filtering allows customer organizations to generate tailored reports to cater to their organizational policies and organizational rules. Below are some of the filters upon which you may construct a custom report to present structured list of related activity logs:

  • Date Range - specifying a Start Date to an End Date
  • Event - Choosing any event from the list above, you may filter report based on those specified events to monitor activities corresponding to them
  • User's name or email address
  • IP Address

Here are some custom reports that may be generated using rich filters within the Media Activity Logs:

  • All records of Media Clipped by a certain User
  • All records of Content Integrity Verification run within a certain Date range
  • All records of Access Rights Assigned to a particular Email Address

Export Activity log Reports

After you tailor activity log records to meet the needs of your organizations, you may use our enhanced custom export option to extract data either in the form of a CSV for further analysis and mining, or in the form of a well-formatted PDF report which can then be either demonstrated to relevant stakeholders and presented to the higher officials as a proof of trail of activities on a media.

If you have filtered the records based on an access rights criteria, you can easily export the same custom report.


User Roles

The roles assigned to each user determine their access to the Activity Logs of a media. Moderator+ users can access the Activity Logs whereas Contributor and Viewer roles are unable to view it. To understand User Roles and permissions associated with them, see  Understanding User Roles.