In Enterprise Video Content Management EVCM system, a media consists of several types of content related to organization's unstructured information which includes research reports, scanned images, marketing videos, meeting recordings, etc. This collection of media provides a holistic view of the content, allowing the organizations to organize the unstructured information according to the business needs and to eliminate dependence on the paper documents. This also allows the organizations to drive better customer service and increase overall productivity resulting in lesser organizational risk. One of the greatest concerns in managing huge unstructured information is the ability to track any unauthorized access or modifications on sensitive information. The absence of user activity logs can create complexities such as:

  • Who accessed the content?
  • When was the content accessed?
  • Which updates have been incorporated in the content with timestamp?
  • What was the content creation date and time?

All of the above and many other crucial questions can be answered by the Media Activity Logs that VIDIZMO offers in its Enterprise Video Content Management (EVCM) system. To learn more about it, see: Understanding Media Activity logs.

Before you start

  • Make sure to log in as a Moderator+ user role in order to view Activity Logs on every media via Media Manager.

View Media Activity Logs

1. In the Media Manager screen:

ii. Click on the overflow menu of the media file of which you want to view the Activity Log.

iii. Select Activity Log. It will take you to the detailed activity log view of that media.


2. In the Activity Logs screen

You will be able to view all actions performed on that media with User, IP Address, Date and Time, Event and Changes information.

User: This field displays the name of the user who has committed the changes in the media (e.g. creating, updating, deleting media). 

IP Address: This field shows the IP address of the system from where the changes have been committed in the media. 

Date and Time: This column shows the timestamp at which the changes/updates have been done in the media. 

Event:  This field shows the type of change/update that has been committed against the media. 

Details: This field briefly defines the changes that have been committed by a user at the specific timestamp in the selected media.


3. The Media Activity Log can be sorted by Date & Time by clicking on the small arrow icon.


Toggle Between Compact and Detailed View of Activity Log  

By default, VIDIZMO provides the Detailed View of Activity Logs, as seen in the above pictures. This view segregates changes against each event. While the Compact View displays the breakdown of each change against an event as shown in the picture below. You can toggle between different views by clicking on the Compact View button available at the left-hand side of the Download Button.

Downloading Media Activity Logs

1. The Media Activity Log can also be downloaded in PDF/CSV format.

i. Click on the Download button, available on the top-right corner of The Activity Log Screen, to download the activity logs of the selected media visible on the current page. Here you can toggle between PDF/CSV format to be downloaded.

Note: The maximum number of records that can be downloaded using the per page option is 2500.