This article explains the process of configuring Azure file share in your VIDIZMO application for content storage. The steps in this article include tasks to be performed in Azure and VIDIZMO application.


The following tasks fall into the scope of this configuration:

  • Configure file share in Azure storage account
  • Configure VIDIZMO web application server
  • Configure content storage in VIDIZMO application

Azure Storage Account

Note: In this example:

  • The storage account name is 'myvidizmostorage'.
  • The file share name is 'myvidizmofileshare'.


  1. Use your existing storage account or create a new storage account.
  2. Create new file share in your Azure storage account.
  3. Copy the following items from your Azure storage account:
    1. Storage account name
    2. Storage account access key

Note: Standard file share in Azure storage account allows maximum 5TB quota limit on storage capacity. You may enable 'Large File Share' when creating your storage account to enable maximum 100TB of storage capacity. Please see MS article here: See screenshot below:

Note: VIDIZMO support team shall provide the web configuration file that would need to be uploaded and placed into the new file share.

Configure VIDIZMO Application Server

Below is the step-by-step process.

Create new Windows credentials to access Azure file share

1. Login VIDIZMO web application server (Widnows Server 2019 or Windows Server 2022).

2. Go to Start > Control Panel > All Control Panel Items > Credential Mangager

3. Select Windows Credentials and click "Add a Windows credential".

4. Type in the FQDN of your Azure file share storage account. The username should be your storage account name and password should be the access key for the storage account. See screenshot below:

5. Click the OK button to confirm changes.

Create Windows local user account on VIDIZMO application server

1. Login VIDIZMO web application server (Widnows Server 2019 or Windows Server 2022).

2. Create a new user account with name matching your Azure storage account and password matching your storage account access key:

  1. Open command prompt or powershell with administrative privileges.
  2. Run the following command to create new user account.


3. Add this new user account to local administrators group on VIDIZMO application server:

  1. Open command prompt with administrative privileges.
  2. Run the following command to add the new user to local admins group.
net localgroup administrators /add <AZURE STORAGE ACCOUNT NAME>


Note: Make sure your Azure storage account name has max 20 characters. By default, the local Windows user account can contain up to 20 uppercase or lowercase characters in username, except for the following:
" / \ [ ] : ; | = , + * ? < >

Create new Application under VIDIZMO website in IIS Manager

1. Open IIS Manager; Press Windows Key + R to open run command and type "inetmgr" (without quotes) to open IIS manager.

2. In IIS Manager, go to Application Pools > right click VIDIZMO application pool > select Advanced Settings...

3. Under Process Model, change the Identity to use the new user account we created in previous steps. See below screenshot:

4. In IIS Manager, expand Sites > right click your VIDIZMO website > select Add Application. See screenshot below:

5. In the Add Application dialogue box, type in the alias and enter the physical path as per below screenshot:

6. Click 'Connect as...' > select Specifc User radio button > type in username and password. The username should be the name of your storage account and password should be the access key for your storage account. See below screenshot:

7. Test the connection to make sure authentication and authorization is successful. See below screenshot:

8. Click OK to confirm changes.

Configure VIDIZMO Content Processing Server

Below is the step-by-step process.

1. In the content processing server, open services (Start > Administrative Tools > Services).

2. Right click VIDIZMO Content Processing service and select Properties.

3. In the Properties diaglogue, go to Log On tab.

4. Under "Log on as", select "This account" radio button and select the user account you created in previous steps. See below screenshot:

5. Clicking on the Apply button with raise another prompt saying 'the user account will be granted Log On As A Service right', click OK to proceed. See below screenshot:

6. Restart VIDIZMO Content Processing service for new changes to take effect.

Configure Content Storage in VIDIZMO application

Below is the step-by-step process.

1. Login your VIDIZMO application with an Administrator or Manager user.

2. Go to Control Panel > Setup Wizard > Run Setup Wizard. See below screenshot:

3. Under Configuration, select VIDIZMO Storage as "VIDIZMO" and Encoder as "VIDIZMO on Premise Encoder" and click Next. See below screenshot:

4. Under Storage, enter the Provider URL as 'https://<portal URL>/<IIS Application Name>'. E.g. "". For Storage Path, type the UNC path of your Azure file share e.g. \\\myvidizmofileshare. See below screenshot:

5. Click Next to proceed.

6. Under Transcoder, leave all check boxes unchecked and click Done to confirm changes and start the setup wizard process which would configure your new storage based on Azure file share. See below screenshot:

7. You may navigate to Control Panel > Workflows to see the progress of your new setup wizard configuration workflow process. See below screenshot:

Important notes:

  • All media and branding content will now be stored in your Azure file share. The Azure file share is secure and allows access only if Access Key is provided. Anonymous access is disallowed in Azure file share.
  • Make sure to remove all custom branding before you configure your Azure file share based content storage. You would need reconfigure branding after you complete your new Azure file share based content storage configuration.

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