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Before you start

License Activation

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Once you have installed the VIDIZMO solution the user needs to provide the license details to start using VIDIZMO. The process of VIDIZMO license activation is described in this article.

Before you start

Whether it is a new deployment or an upgrade of the previous version of VIDIZMO, the users need a license activation key to start using VIDIZMO as their digital content management solution. 

License Activation

Here is how the users can activate the VIDIZMO license:

Note: If it is an upgrade of VIDIZMO solution, the new license activation would require you to truncate the "ServerLicense" table in "VidizmoDB" before you add the new license.

1. From the application server, browse to "localhost", you will automatically be redirected to the software activation page.

   i) Enter the license key that you have received from VIDIZMO

   ii) If you do not have the license key, select the license file by clicking on Choose File

   iii) Click on Activate. You will see "License Activated Successfully"

2. If your content processing server is hosted on a separate server, you will need to activate the license for that server separately

   i) In the web browser, navigate to "http://localhost/static/views/activate-license.html"

   ii) Enter the license key or provide the license file similarly as you did for the application server

   iii) You will see the message "License Activated Successfully"

3. After the license is activated on both servers i.e. Application and Content Processing; restart "VIDIZMO Scheduler Service" on both the servers to ensure successful software activation