Certificates of Completion are digital proofs that a user has successfully completed watching media in VIDIZMO player. Organizations can assign a certificate template to a media and award its customers completion certificate on reaching completion criteria of that media.

Organizations nowadays often conduct training sessions with various learning materials. One of the most significant aspects of eLearning is certification. It may be used to enhance uptake and encourage training completion, as well as in a variety of other ways that benefit both the organization as well as the employees.


Certificate Templates are assigned to a media from Publish tab in Media Settings. VIDIZMO allows Certificate Templates to be assigned on certain type of media formats which are

  • Audio
  • Video
  • Playlist
  • Quiz

Users can view their activity logs from My Media > My Tracking. Valid users in VIDIZMO have access to 'My Media' where they can view their progress as well as their Accomplishments.


Note: Manager+ roles can customize the certificate templates.

Data Variables for Certificate Templates

Certificate Templates are based on rich Wysiwyg Editor where you can design your own template with the help of several data variables that allow you to render content in that template from VIDIZMO.



{{IssuedDate | DateTimeToDate}}

Date on which certificate was initially issued to the user

{{"now" | date: "%d-%m-%Y"}}

Current system date, you can change the format of the date by adjusting the syntax

User Profile






First name of the logged in user


Last name of the logged in user


Email address of the logged in user


User ID of the logged in user


Date & time when the user profile was added in the portal


Date & time when the user profile was updated in the portal




ID of the portal

{{TenantInfo.OrganizationName}}Organization name set in the portal









First name of the content uploader


Portal of the media


Estimated duration of the media in miliseconds


Title of the media


If copy of the media exists


If media is deleted


If media is featured

{{MashupInfo.IsAIProcessed}}If media is AI processed


Date on which media was published


Current status of the media


Format of the media


Title of the media file


Category of the media file


If media is included in 'My Favorites'


If the media file is clipped


If the media file is expired


Parent portal of the media 

Custom Functions
{{IssuedDate | Validity: 1,2,3}} where 1=yy,2=mmm,3=ddThe before mentioned variable will print a validity adding 1 year, 2 months & 3 days to the Issued Date
{{MashupInfo.EstimatedDuration | MsToTime}}
Converting estimated duration in hh-mm-ss