Introduction to Password less Authentication

VIDIZMO users can authenticate themselves using the authentication API without providing the password. Instead, they need to provide Application Id and Client Secret. This Application Id and client secret will be used to authenticate user and return access token as a response, which can later be used to access other authenticated APIs too. To use this password less APIs authentication mechanism, the users will need to create an Authentication App in VIDIZMO portal.


Steps to Add & Configure the Authentication App


1. Click on the + icon to Add an Authentication App

Graphical user interface, application

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2. The Authentication App is created, click on the gear icon that is highlighted in the following Image


Graphical user interface, application, Teams

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3. The following fields will be shown:

  1. Application Name: This is to uniquely identify your authentication app within the VIDIZMO portal. You can give it the name of your choice
  2. Application ID: This is a unique system-generated ID of the Authentication App with which the application will be used for authentication of users who are supposed to consume the VIDIZMO widgets
  3. Client Secret: This is a unique system-generated secret that will be used in the passwordless authentication process
  4. Expiry: This is the Application's expiry date after which the widgets consuming this application's information will not be able to authenticate the users. You can set the expiry by choosing a date from the calendar.


Graphical user interface, application

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Note: To use the app after the expiry, you will need to regenerate the Client Secret by clicking on the arrow that is highlighted in the above image, once the secret is regenerated, the Expiry can be edited.

API Call


Sample Request Body

    "appId": "{app-id}",
Note: email-address is user's registered email address in VIDIZMO Portal. app-id and client-secret are the respective application id and client secret of the application created in VIDIZMO Portal.