Archiving is the process by which inactive information, in any format, is securely stored for long periods of time. Such information may or may not be used again in the future. It should be emphasized that archived, inactive data can be made active again, as the implication of not being able to access the information again sometimes dissuades businesses from archiving their records. Information should still be readily available if required at short notice.


Archiving is vitally important for information management and can give a business greater control over its information processes. It is essential for business continuity and ensuring the highest level of performance in a competitive marketplace.

Archive Policy in VIDIZMO is designed based on certain content parameters. These parameters consist of meta-data as well as current mashup state. Users can set criteria based on below mentioned attributes:

NameSet a name for your policy
DescriptionGive your policy a relevant description
Archive Time PeriodThis option enables you to archive your media after entered number of days from the selected date.
  • Created Date
  • Published Date
  • Updated Date
If the selected date has already passed, content will be archived straight away
Media FormatSelect media format which needs to be archived, you can select multiple file types
AuthorSet Author Name present in your portal
CategorySelect Category name present in your portal
TagsSelect Tags present in your portal, multiple tags can be selected
ExpiredYou can enter range of expiry here, if content is expired within this range it'll be archived according to your policy
  • Automatic: Content meeting the selected criteria will be archived automatically whenever Scheduler Service runs 
  • Manual: You'll have to execute this policy manually by clicking on 'Run this policy now' icon on Archive Policy page

Lock Media

With introduction of Archival Policy, an alternative was needed in order to prevent your content from archiving. VIDIZMO allows you to temporarily lock your content obstructing it from being Purged or Archived. Every media file that can be archived in VIDIZMO can also be locked. We know that content can be automatically archived if it meets the criteria set in a policy, this can be intercepted beforehand by locking media which has to be stopped from archiving. Locked content cannot be archived in VIDIZMO, if you want to archive content in your portal, you'll have to unlock it first. Content can be locked from the overflow menu in any portal.