Split screens videos has managed to gather a lot of attention lately as it involves a great technique to show cause-and-effect or illustrate in what ways one thing is relevant to another. VIDIZMO is now enabling you to create your own customized content by combining multiple tracks and stitch them together as one through using Video Mosaic tool. Multi screen content not only makes your content more engaging but one can also customize it according to their business needs. You can convey any useful information to the target audience in a better way by combining relevant videos taken from different angles, time and locations.

Video Mosaic tool is designed in a way that it enables any non technical end user to utilize its capabilities with utmost ease.


Mosaic tool constitutes of multiple functionalities enriching your Video Mosaic and providing you ease and an exceptional experience while editing. The architecture of this tool is simple and self explanatory. Our collapsible left hand side pane contains options that will let you perform changes on your selected track. Whereas, our right hand side pane let you add and delete tracks anytime.  Additionally, you can restore any of your unsaved mosaic session any time which will not let you lose any of your edited content. Mosaic can be created of as many videos as you want; however, we don’t prefer to add more than 8 videos as browser can end up behaving unexpectedly. 

Attributes of Mosaic Tool


Every added media appears in timeline by default. Here by dragging and placing the sequence towards the desired timestamp will let you determine the duration as well as the starting point of each track. Timeline can be zoomed in up to frames for better precision. The final duration of published mosaic will be according to the longest added track and its position on timeline. 

Auto Tile  

Auto tiling arranges the players on canvas in a pre defined layout. After adding your desired media you can choose to auto tile them. This saves you from getting into the hassle of manually arranging them and placing them in a well balanced or proportioned manner. You can always resize the players after auto tiling them and can adjust them according to your desire. Auto tiling can be done at any point of editing.

Resize players 

Customized layout of mosaic could be defined by switching positions and changing size of player by dragging its corners. Players can be resized at any point of editing. Any player that is pushed out of canvas will not be a part of final mosaic. After resizing the player according to your desire you can lock your player so that you will not end up moving it mistakenly. 


  • Lock player 

After adjusting the size and position of the player the option to Lock player can be utilized so that you will not end up changing it mistakenly. Locked player can not be moved or resized. However, player can be unlocked any time after locking it.  


Note : Lock players can be auto-tiled. 

  • Lock Track Sequence 

As you can specify the availability of tracks and the duration of your mosaic from timeline so this option enables you to lock the adjusted sequence on timeline. Locked track sequence cannot be moved until it is unlocked. An icon indicating regarding the track being locked will be present at the top of it.  

Sync Tracks 

To cater the need of watching a specific moment or incident at the same time in your final mosaic the option to add markers and sync the added markers is present. You can play the tracks one after another and keep adding markers on the timestamp your desired moment is taking place. You can zoom in the timeline for better precision while adding markers. After adding them you can choose to sync the added markers by which the tracks will align themselves with respect to the added markers. 


Switch Position 

Multiple players can be overlapped which will arise the need of switching the position of players. Four options to cater this requirement is present on your left side pane: 

  • Bring Forward 

The player will moved one step forward. 

  • Send Backward

The player will be moved one step backward.

  • Bring to Front

The player will be moved to the front regardless of the current position. 

  • Send to Back

The player will be send to the back regardless of the current position. 

Player Snap  

To provide you ease while moving the players on canvas snapping takes place which automatically snaps your player to the edges of canvas and with other players present on the canvas after you drag it to a certain percentage. This is no specific option present to handle this functionality as this is already enabled. 

Audio Switch & Adjustment 

To provide you total control over the audio of created mosaic we let the user to switch by muting and playing audio of different tracks at different timestamps. Multiple audios can be played at the same time. You can also adjust the volume by increasing or decreasing it at your desired timestamp for every track.  

Additionally, you can also add a separate audio track in mosaic, It will not be a part of canvas but its audio can be used. 

Undo & Redo 

While editing your mosaic you might be making mistakes or will not end up liking the effect you created. To cater this necessity the option to undo your change is present on the timeline. You can always redo your undo changes as well. Undo takes place up to the first performed action in Mosaic studio. Ctrl + Z can be pressed as a shortcut to undo and Ctrl+ Y to redo.  

Publishing Video Mosaic 

After editing when you choose to publish your mosaic we provide the user control over certain aspects of published mosaic which are described below: 


You can select a suitable title for your published mosaic. In case of user not defining a title, The published mosaic will be named as Untitled


All of your published categories will be present in the drop down. However, It will be a part of general category by default. 


All of your cases will be present in the dropdown. User can select multiple cases for their mosaic to be a part of. 

Source Rendition 

You can decide the rendition of the source that you will be providing for the activity of transcoding. Auto will be selected by default which will generate the highest possible rendition as source according to the available renditions of each individual track. User can select any of the available options for the source as well.

Output Quality

This is the quality of your final mosaic created mosaic. 

Note: Renditions will be created according to the configurations of your encoding profile.

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