VIDIZMO is available in 100% Cloud, 100% On-Premises or hybrid models. Customers have the choice to use their Cloud or use VIDIZMO's provided Microsoft Azure or AWS Cloud in dedicated and multi-tenant environments. VIDIZMO is also available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, allowing customers to launch VIDIZMO pre-configured environments in their Microsoft Azure subscription under Enterprise Agreement (EA) with Microsoft.

Specifically, VIDIZMO is offered in following deployment models:

1. Dedicated Customer Provided Cloud (VIDIZMO Managed): 

VIDIZMO Software installed in customer’s Cloud is preferred model for most Enterprise Customers. Customers only pay for VIDIZMO software and services to install and manage VIDIZMO Software. Customer retains full control over VIDIZMO environment in order to enforce their security and policies, and remains responsible all cloud consumption costs, however, the customer pays the lowest rate negotiated directly with Cloud Provider for CPU, Storage, Streaming, Encoding, Media Services etc.

2. Dedicated VIDIZMO Provided Cloud (VIDIZMO Managed):
VIDIZMO is responsible for all costs such as VIDIZMO software, Cloud consumption etc. VIDIZMO also enforces policies according to customer requests.

3. SaaS - Shared Cloud (VIDIZMO Managed):
Cost efficient. Suitable for small to medium size customers with less stringent compliance and security requirements. Customer pays a single price including Base Software, User CALs, and limited Storage, Encoding, Streaming under a single subscription of one or more tenants in VIDIZMO Software hosted and managed in a multi-tenant environment.

4. Customer Premises, Private Any Cloud, Data Center (Customer Managed):
Customer purchases VIDIZMO Server Software + CAL. Either Customer installs and configures VIDIZMO software or Engages VIDIZMO services team to install software as required. Customer manages VIDIZMO software updates, upgrades etc. VIDIZMO provides 2nd Tier & 3rd Tier or only 3rd Tier support.

In all models, yearly Software Subscription allows customers to automatically receive unlimited minor and major software updates and apply automatically or manually for the duration of the subscription.