Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is VIDIZMO Software Licensed ?

    VIDIZMO Licensing is based on the deployment model. Each plan includes enough storage, bandwidth, encoding and streaming bandwidth suitable for the purchased plan. The customer has the option to add users, storage, encoding and bandwidth as desired. Artificial Intelligence features such as Machine transcription are also available as an optional feature. 

    Under Dedicated deployments including Customer's Cloud or On-Premises, VIDIZMO software is licensed as follows: 

    • Base Server Software License - (cost varies by product type i.e. MediaTubeEnterpriseTube, Virtual Academy) and number of Portals  
    • User/Client Access Licenses also known as CAL - (Registered and Active User Models are also available. Cost also varies by the product type) 
    • Setup & Configuration (One Time)  
    • Standard Support is included, however, the customer has the option to purchase Premier and Premier Plus Support 
    • Optional Add-Ons (such as eCDN, VIDIZMO SharePoint Video App 
    • A customer interested in dedicated deployment can deploy easily all VIDIZMO Solutions from Microsoft Azure & AWS Marketplaces  
    • A customer chooses a dedicated deployment model for various reasons, including but not limited to, more control over privacy, security, compliance, software upgrade/release cycle, and control variable cloud consumption costs. 
    • We license on-premise and private cloud software on annual subscription. 

    VIDIZMO SaaS model is licensed on a Yearly Software Subscription plan, dedicated deployments typically require a 3-year licensing plan. Perpetual license is also available under a dedicated deployment model. Standard Support is available throughout the licensed period. To learn about support options, please visit 


  • How does VIDIZMO define a "Registered User"?

    Any user who requires authentication using a User ID and password to login is considered a "Registered User". This authentication may also transparently take place behind the scene using single sign-on with your Active Directory or SSO provider.

  • How does VIDIZMO define an "Active User"?

    Any registered user who logs into your VIDIZMO Portal to perform any function (accessing content, generating reports etc.) in a given billing month is considered an "Active User". Authenticated users logging into VIDIZMO to perform any function within a given calendar month are, therefore, considered “Active Users”. The active user model allows organizations to pay only for in-use CAL (Client Access Licenses), however, a customer must purchase a license for at least 10% of the total registered/authenticated users.

  • Is there a licensing cost for anonymous viewers? Is there a limit on how many anonymous viewers can watch publicly available content?

    There is no limit on the number of anonymous viewers viewing publicly available videos, and there is no licensing cost for anonymous viewers.

  • Why Is My VIDIZMO License Deactivated

    If VIDIZMO portal takes you to Activate License Screen this means that your VIDIZMO license has been deactivated which can be due to the reason that either the license has expired, or the license file was tampered.

    In either case, contact VIDIZMO Support to obtain a new license or make it operable.

    Contributions were made by Javeria Hasan.

  • How are overages calculated for Registered and Active Users?

    For monthly subscriptions, the total number of registered and active users logged by VIDIZMO each month is billed in the same month, based on the overage rate defined in the customer's plan. However, another option is also available, VIDIZMO will stop accepting the login of users over the limit of active users.

  • How does pricing work for various VIDIZMO delivery models?

    VIDIZMO pricing depends mainly on the number of active and/or registered users as well as various other factors such as bandwidth, storage and other key elements as per customer's unique requirements.

  • Is there a limit as to the number of concurrent users that can be on the system at any given time?

    No, there is no limit on the number of people using the application simultaneously.

  • What are the terms of VIDIZMO's Subscription Agreement?

    For Shared Cloud (SaaS) model, please refer to the following link to view 

    VIDIZMO's Subscription Service Agreement:

    For other deployment models, please see: VIDIZMO Deployment Options

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