VIDIZMO is not allowing more users to be added and will not allow user roles to be modified.


VIDIZMO licenses its products based on the number of users. Depending on the package, a few additional users may be allowed into the system but if the number of users exceeds the amount allowed by the license, the system will inform the user about the exceeded account package limit. 


VIDIZMO package License needs to be updated. 


To change the License Key at any time:

i. Enter "domainname/main/Activation.aspx" and bring up the Activate Software screen. Users having Administrative privileges can access this screen and change the License.

ii. Click on the Change Key option and follow the instructions. This will remove the currently installed License and replace it with a new one. 

To obtain a new license, contact VIDIZMO Sales at or send an email to VIDIZMO Support.


To learn more about License Activation, click here on How to activate VIDIZMO License.