A Transcription Pane in VIDIZMO offers you a chronological list of closed captions against the video. These captions are linked with the point in the video where they were used/spoken about. This ensures a smoother user experience with greater meaningful insights about the content, enhancing user interest and engagement.

To learn more about it, see: Understanding Transcription Pane in VIDIZMO.

Steps to Manage Transcript of a Media

Only Contributors, Moderators, Managers and Administrators can edit and download transcript of a media, while viewers can only view it.

1. From the Portal's Homepage:

i. Click on the thumbnail of your desired media file to be redirected to its playback page.

2. On the media Playback page:

Viewers can perform the following actions on the closed caption transcript appearing in a pane on the right-hand side of the player.

i. Search for a Term: Enter a term in the Search field and if the searched term is found, all of its instances get highlighted.

ii. Increase/Decrease the Font Size: Use the "A" icon to increase to decrease the font size in the transcript. Each subsequent click toggles the font size to large and small.

iii. Edit the Transcript: The edit button puts the transcript into an editable mode in which text portions can be edited individually. If a line needs to be removed completely, use the "x" button when the transcript is in edit mode.

For the changes to take effect, use the ✔ check mark.

iv. Download the Transcript: To download the transcript, click on the Download icon. The transcriptions can be downloaded as an Excel file which will allow the viewers to view the transcript in a readable format.

v. Linked Comments: This feature helps you give feedback upon a specific point in the video. Users can navigate to any instance within the video using comments. This can be done by entering your comment with the time you wish to link the comment with.

When the comment becomes available, click on the highlighted link in the comment and you will be able to navigate to the specified frame in the video.

Roles and Permissions

  • Viewers can only view transcript of a media
  • Contributors, Moderators, Managers and Administrators can view, edit and download transcript of a media.