VIDIZMO allows you to share a specific media over email to other users part of the Account/Portal. 

You are only required to enter the email addresses of users with whom you want to share the video. An email will automatically be generated to the user containing the link to the media. Any user can access the shared video if the Portal Settings permit.

If the Allow Social Sharing checkbox is enabled in Portal Settings, only then the sharing option will be displayed on the media playback page. 


All Registered Users can refer media to any user

1. From the Portal's Homepage or Media Library: 
i. Click on the media thumbnail that you wish to Refer.

2. You will be redirected to the Playback page of that media:

i. Click on the Share icon below the player.

ii. Enter the Email Address of the viewers to whom you wish to refer this media. You can also enter multiple email addresses separated by a comma (,).

iii. Click on Refer to proceed.

3. The referred viewers will receive an email message. Click on the link to redirect to the media Playback page.

4. You will be redirected to the Playback page.

Note: In case, Anonymous Viewers checkbox is not selected from Access tab; you will receive an error upon clicking the link.

Roles and Permissions

All viewers allowed to playback the media can refer media to other users, given that sharing has been configured for that file.