The Playback Page in VIDIZMO displays a set of media related to the media being played back. Related Media is populated using a smart algorithm that takes into account the most relevant media published in the Portal library and is based on the following attributes:

i. Title
ii. Author name
iii. Category
iv. Tags

v.  Description

Once media is uploaded and these attributes are provided, VIDIZMO determines the most relevant published media based on these attributes and displays them on the Playback Page.

Note: In the case of a Course, related media is determined based on the attributes of the Course and not the individual Modules (media). However, in case of Playlist and Collection, it is determined based on the attributes of individual media which is why it dynamically refreshes as a user progresses from one media to another within a Playlist or Collection.


1. From the Portal's homepage, select your desired media for playback.

2. On the playback page of your desired media file, the related media will appear on the right side.

 3. Select your desired media for playback.  

4. Your media will playback

Roles and Permissions
Administrator, Manager, Moderator, Contributor, Viewer or any user allowed to playback the media can view and access the related media section.