VIDIZMO Analytics provides the ability to gather information for each media uploaded on the platform. Portal administrators can view relevant information and analytics regarding media views and viewers, video impressions, completely viewed videos, likes, comments, device, browser and access location, and the number of times the video was embedded etc.

Through Media Analytics, Moderator+ roles can monitor the content quality for each media and compare it with other media to see which media performed best and why. Read Understanding Media Analytics to know more.

Here is how you can analyze your media and its views:


1. From the Homepage, log using a Moderator+ role and navigate to the Media Manager.

2. From the Media Manager:

i. Select the video to view its analytics.

ii. The video shows up as the selected on the left-hand side.

iii. Click on the Analytics button to bring up the Media Analytics screen (iv).

3. The Media Analytics screen displays the following information graphically:

  • Views & Viewers: This panel shows the number of times and the number of viewers who watched the video

  • Impressions, Completions: Impression is the number of times a video's playback screen gets loaded while a completion is captured when a video is viewed completely by any viewer.

  • Likes, Comments: Number of time a video is liked and the number of comments that a video receives is displayed here.

  • Audience Overview: Displayed as a graph and in a tabular form, this is the overview of the audience by Views, Viewers, and Completions. 

i. Graphical View. Click on the graph legends on the chart to show or hide data on the graph. The legend for the excluded data appears as crossed-out. 

ii. The Pie Chart and List icons allow you to toggle between Graphical and Tabular views.

iii. Using the Download icon, you can also download the information in a .csv format.

iv. Hovering on the node displays the information as a tooltip. In the example below, it shows 11 views for the month of July. 

v. The same information displayed in a tabular form.

  • Breakdown: This chart displays a breakdown of viewers by the devices used to access VIDIZMO and the Browser used.

i. Use the down arrow to expand the list and select the breakdown by Device or Browser.

ii. Hovering over the section displays the information as a tooltip.

iii. Breakdown by Device.

iv. Toggle views using the List or Chart icon.

  • Embeds: The Embeds chart gives the URL of all the sites where the video embed code was used. 

i. Graphical view of the sites where the video was embedded.

ii. Tabular view

iii. The Tabular view has additional information about the video such as the number of views on that video and when it was last played back.

  • Demographics: The demographics section displays information by location on media views, viewers, impressions and the number of times it was watched completely. 

i. The views can be selected using the down arrow on the basis of Country, City or Location

ii. Demographics by Country

iii. Demographics by City

iv. Toggled view by Location in a tabular form.

  • Geographical Heat Map: The Geographical Heat Map is automatically populated based on the location from where the video was most viewed.

i. Geographical Heat Map

ii. Toggled view with details on views and viewers

  • Heat Map: This bar represents video segments broken up into 30 seconds each and the views are captured within each segment. Viewed segment from least and most viewed are shown by lighter to darkest shade of the color.

i. The most viewed segment is shown by a darker shade of color

ii. The toggled view has more details

iii. The Start and End column list segments, broken down by 5 seconds each.

iv. Views column, sorted by ascending/descending order using the up/down arrow, list views in each segment.

Roles and Permissions

Moderators, Managers and Administrators are able to view and access media analytics from Media Manager.