VIDIZMO provides users the facility to Change Password for the Portal. Changing Password enables the user to have controlled access and avoid security breaches in case the password gets stolen.

To learn about User Profile and Password Policy, read more about it here: Viewing and Updating User Profile.


All Authenticated Users (Federated Users excluded) can access and change their password.

1. From the Portal's Homepage:

i. Click on the User icon on the top right to access Change Password under My Profile.

ii. Click on Change Password.


2. The Change Password dialog will ask you to:

i. Enter your Old Password used to access the Portal.

ii. Enter your New Password.

iii. Re-enter New Password to validate.

iv. Click on Update Password to save the information.

Note: The user needs to set a new Password that conforms to the Password Policy set by VIDIZMO. For example, a user needs to type in a password whose length is 8 as shown in the image below.


Once done, your password will be changed. A notification will be displayed stating: Password has been updated successfully.


Roles and Permissions

  • All Authenticated Users (Federated Users excluded) are allowed to change their password for accessing the Account/Portal.
  • If any user is federated, then they will be redirected to their respective IdP (Identity Provider) to change the password.