VIDIZMO users can set their uploaded media on the homepage of portal as featured. Setting media as featured allows users to give prominence and quick access to their content. This is also a way of promoting new content to Portal users . The media which is part of the Portal can be searched and marked as featured only.

Uploaded media can be added or deleted from the featured list and they can also be reordered to change the sequence in which they are displayed. Users can set media as featured using:

  • Homepage tab from Portal Settings
  • Media Settings from Media Manager 

Steps to Feature Media from Portal Settings

VIDIZMO allows Managers and Administrators to perform following steps to feature a media on Homepage:

1. From the Portal's Homepage:
i. Click on the navigation menu on top left corner.
ii. Expand Admin tab.

iii. Click on the Settings tab and you'll be directed to Portal Settings page.

2. On Portal Settings page,

i. Click on the Home Page tab to further expand its options.

ii. Then click on the Featured Media tab. 

iii. The Featured Media section lists videos that have been marked as such.

iv. Hovering the mouse over the video enables the controls to drag-n-drop a video to your preferred position. This enables users to customize the list on the Homepage as per their preference. 

v. To add a new video to the list, use the search bar to locate your video. Selecting the video from the list of matching results adds it to the list.

3. Towards the bottom of the list are the Remove and Update buttons. 

i. Use the Update button when you are done re-positioning the videos.

ii. The Remove button removes the videos from the list after selecting them using the checkboxes.

4. A brief notification will be displayed to notify the successful update. 

5. Your Featured video gets displayed on the Homepage based on the videos positioned in Step #2 - iv above.

Steps to Feature Media from Media Settings

You can navigate to the Media's Settings in two ways:

i. When uploading a new video, in which case, click here to learn How to Upload Media.

ii. By selecting a video from the Media Manager. 

In our example, we will be following the second method to reach the Media Settings.

1.  From the Account/ Portal's Homepage, go to Admin >> Media Manager to open the Media Manager.

2. While on the Media Manager screen, select a video that you want to set as featured and then open its Media Settings by clicking on Settings from overflow menu or Action menu present at the top.

3. The Media Manager allows you to define your media's settings. 

i. Navigate to the Access tab from where you can set up its accessibility options.

ii. From the Acess tab, click on the Featured Videos checkbox under the How To Access It? to mark it as a featured video on the Homepage.

iii. Click on the Save and Close button to save your settings.

4. Your featured media gets displayed on the Account Homepage. Clicking on the media takes the user to the Portal's playback screen where the media can be played back. If the media is from another portal the user has access to, that Portal's playback screen will be displayed.

Roles and Permissions

  • Managers and Administrators can feature a media on Homepage from Portal Settings
  • Contributors, Moderators, Managers and Administrators can feature a media on Homepage from the Access tab while uploading that media file.