To give a custom feel to your Portal, VIDIZMO allows you to add Portal title and description on your Media Library page. This helps to create a distinct identity and the description can assist users in understanding the Portal's content. 

Here is how you can change title and description of your Portal:

Steps to Change Portal Title and Description

VIDIZMO allows Managers and Administrators to perform the following steps to change Portal's title and description:

1. From the Portal's Homepage:
i. Click on the navigation menu on top left corner.
ii. Expand Admin tab.

iii. Click on the Portal Settings

2. On Portal Settings page:

i. Click on the General tab on the left-hand panel to expand it.

ii. Edit Portal Title. It is mandatory to add a title name for your Portal.

iii. Edit Description for your Portal. The description should be defining the basic aspects, characteristics, or features of your Portal. 

iv. Click on the Update button to save changes.


Note: A notification will be displayed stating: Portal details have been updated successfully.

3. On the Media Library page, your title would be added to the Media Library header and description would be previewed just below it.

Note: If you define a Customized Header under Branding Settings of the Portal, it overwrites the Portal's description.

Roles and Permissions

Managers and Administrators can set the Portal's title and description. However, it would be displayed on Media Library for all users to see.