A Homepage is the landing page for all Portal users. It is the welcoming page where users can view and access Featured Media and Portals. Homepage also displays Most Recent, Most Popular and Most Viewed media within the Portal. Users can set the media and Portals as featured, which will appear on the Homepage.

Featured Media

VIDIZMO users can set their uploaded media on the homepage of portal as featured. Setting media as featured allows users to give prominence and quick access to their content. This is also a way of promoting new content to Portal users . The media which is part of the Portal can be searched and marked as featured only.

Users can set media as featured from Homepage tab in Portal Settings. Uploaded media can be added or deleted from the featured list and they can also be reordered to change the sequence in which they are displayed.

Note: For an Account (main portal), any media from the sub-portals can be marked as featured.

Featured Portals

Featuring portals on Homepage is the best way of signalling its importance to the users, and making sure they are always updated about the content within it. This helps users to identify Portals with respect to relevance and makes it easier for them to access its content. A user can also request to join or leave a portal by selecting any of the featured portals.

All the sub-portals of an account appear in the Featured Portals tab. A user can mark the portal as featured and it will be displayed on the Featured Portals listing on the Homepage. Featured Portals also come with an added functionality of rearranging the portals with respect to the convenience of the user by drag and drop.

Roles and Permissions

  • Administrators and Managers can access and define these Homepage Settings, allowing them to set featured media and portals on Homepage.