Why do you need to Setup Email?

For Enterprise Video Content Management System, organizations thrive for a streamlined process of centralized communication with the wide base of their users. To enable this, organizations require an effective way of receiving alerts, prompts, notifications and other updates regarding the application's use, as timely as possible. This is elemental in creating a responsive environment for everyone.

About Email Templates in VIDIZMO

Email Templates define a standardized body of text to be sent to users to prompt them for various activities and their respective status in VIDIZMO.

They can be accessed from Control Panel > Email & SMTP > Email Templates. 

VIDIZMO offers some default Templates such as 

  • User Account Request Approved (E-044) where a standard email is sent to the user when Admin approves a pending join request by a user.
  • Portal creation email to Administrators (E-088) where a notification email is sent when a new Portal is created by an authoritative user.
  • Duplicate Login Emails (E-057) where a notification email is sent when a user tries to register with an email which already exists in the Portal.

and many more.

The IDs associated with every email is used as a unique identifier.

Users have the ability to view and browse through the Email Templates, Modified Date and Status which help them stay updated with the changes being made.

Additionally, VIDIZMO offers its customers the convenience to reconfigure Email Templates as per organizational standards.The configurable attributes are shown below.

  • Email TemplatesThe name of the Email Template
  • SubjectSubject of the Email to be sent to the user
  • Description: The event/activity regarding which the Email has been generated
  • BodyVIDIZMO provides advanced editing facility by enabling the user to edit the body of the email using a sophisticated Text Editor, also displaying the look of the Email while they modify it. Commonly used terms/parameters that an organization may want to use have also been enlisted for smooth navigation and template creation.

Note: VIDIZMO also allows you to configure default Email date and date-time formats. To learn more about how to do it, see:  How to Update Date and Time Settings using Application Configuration Keys in VIDIZMO


Simple Mail Transfer Protocol referred to as SMTP is a standard for electronic mail transmission. For Emails to be sent to destined users, setting up SMTP Server is vital.

VIDIZMO sets up a default SMTP server when it is installed. However, VIDIZMO offers the flexibility of configuring your own SMTP Server in VIDIZMO.

SMTP Settings can be configured from Email & SMTP in Control Panel Settings.

In order to setup your own SMTP Server on VIDIZMO the following parameters to be configured are shown below:

  • ServerThe corporate SMTP Server that you have configured for your organization.
  • PortProvide the port used in your corporate email server. In the example below, the port 587 is used. Some commonly used ports are:>SMTP - port 25 or 2525 or 587
    Secure SMTP (SSL / TLS) - port 465 or 25 or 587, 2526 (Elastic Email).
  • Enable SSL:  Use the check box if your mail server is configured to use SSL.
  • Sender's Display NameThe name with which the Sender will be recognized.
  • Sender's Email Address and PasswordProvide the email address and password of the account that will be used to relay email messages.
  • From Display NameThe name of the sender that should be displayed.
  • FromThe email address from which to send the email.
  • CC: The email address of any additional person you want to stay updated with the Email.
  • BCC: The email address of any additional person you want to send the Blind copy of the email.
  • Reply toThe email that the receiver can send back a reply to.
  • PriorityThe level of priority of emails in terms of importance and urgency of delivery.
  • Compose messages in HTML format: An option for users to compose messages in HTML format.

Roles and Permissions

  • Administrators and Managers can reconfigure default Email Templates as well as view and monitor changes
  • Administrators and Managers can choose to use default VIDIZMO SMTP settings, or setup their own SMTP Server