VIDIZMO provides out-of-the-box analytics to its customers for tracking the end-users Quality of Experience (QoE). These analytics cover during and after-delivery statistics for every uploaded media. Customers can use this expansive list of analytics to assess video delivery experience, identify and resolve any Quality of Service (QoS) issues, thereby improving the QoE for end-users.

VIDIZMO allows you to select the duration for which you need to view the QoE. This duration can be last or a current week, month or year. Moreover, users can also select to view reports for a specific time period only. As shown in the image below, VIDIZMO's detailed QoE for a video includes:

  1. Views & Viewers: This denotes the total number of views and the total number of viewers for the video. There could be multiple views from a single viewer.
  2. Time Played: This represents the aggregated sum of the minutes of video played from all views.
  3. Load Time: This denotes the average time it took for the player to load every time a viewer landed on the video's playback page.
  4. Player Buffering: This is the percentage of the amount that the player buffered while playback. It is updated every 15 minutes.
  5. Player Errors: This is the number of times that the player failed to load due to any reason.
  6. Player Load Time: This is a divided bar graph showing the maximum, minimum and average time it took for the player to load in every location that it was accessed from.
  7. Cache Hit Ratio: It is the ratio of how many times the origin server was accessed to get the content and how many times it was served from the edge nodes.
  8. Device Buffering: This shows the devices where the player buffered.
  9. Device Errors: This is the graph representing the device that endured errors while playing back the video.
  10. Buffering Heat Map: This is a heat map showing buffering of video across global locations.
  11. Error Heat Map: This shows a heat map of the intensity with which errors occurred across global locations.
  12. Presentation Quality: This is a bar graph explaining how much each video quality was played.

Each of these analytics can be viewed graphically (as above) or in tabular form as well. Moreover, each of these analytics can be downloaded in CSV format, allowing users to export these analytics.

Roles and Permissions

  • Moderators, Managers, and Administrators can access and view analytics for each media uploaded in the portal.
  • Viewers and Contributors do not have access to the Analytics screen, however, they can only view the total number of views for a video.