VIDIZMO provides its customers different layers of security measures at every step along the way – during steps of content ingestion, delivery, playback, storage and much more. These security requirements can either be fulfilled by the safety measures provided by VIDIZMO or if customers wish to integrate any third-party Digital Rights Management (DRM) technologies with their enterprise video portal, then VIDIZMO also offers seamless support for such technologies, allowing customers to utilize enhanced benefits provided by these security systems. 

To provide such support, VIDIZMO implements different DRM technologies such as Microsoft's PlayReady, Google's Widevine and Apple's Fairplay. Read more about the implementation here: Understanding DRM in VIDIZMO.

Your content hosted in your Portal can be protected by DRM in VIDIZMO. But it must be enabled while your Portal's basic configurations are being set up during Setup Wizard. Setup Wizard is a process that allows you to set up your storage, encoding and SMTP providers in a simple and efficient manner. To learn more, read Understanding Setup Wizard.

Note: For DRM to be enabled, your Portal must be configured to use HTTPS only. To learn how to do that, read How to Configure your Portal to use HTTPS only.


Managers or Administrators can enable DRM while configuring storage provider during Setup Wizard.

1. From the Portal's Homepage:

i. Click on the navigation menu on the top left of your screen.

ii. Expand the Admin tab.

iii Click on the Control Panel tab.

2. From the Manage Portal navigation pane in Control Panel:

i. Click on the Setup Wizard tab.

ii. In case Setup Wizard has already been configured, you will have to click Run Wizard Again.

3. In the Configuration tab in the Setup Wizard screen:

i. Select Azure from the dropdown as your VIDIZMO Storage provider.

ii. Select AMS from the dropdown menu as your Encoding provider.

iii. Click on Next to configure Storage.

Note: In case of enabling DRM, VIDIZMO requires you to configure it with Azure Media Services (AMS) encoder.

4. In Storage tab, follow the steps as given at How to Run Setup Wizard to configure Azure as your storage provider. 

i. Toggle the Enable DRM button.

ii. Enabling Persistent generates a persistent license against your uploaded content.

iii. Once the rest of the fields have been configured, click Next.

5. Configure Transcoder and SMTP providers as shown in the steps of the article linked above.


Once your Setup Wizard execution is complete, you can see DRM configured:

Roles and Permissions

Managers or Administrators can enable DRM while configuring storage provider during Setup Wizard.