Having connection issues while broadcasting your live stream? Below are a few most common causes enlisted along with some tips and tools to help you troubleshoot your live stream connection:

Cause - I

Network Connection

A network connection is required to obtain a smooth live stream experience. Due to an unforeseen network disconnection, or unreliably slow connection your live stream may face connection issues.


Using browser Dev tools  or other connection speed metrics, check if your internet connection is stable and delivering an optimal speed for the live stream. Recommended speed for a smooth live stream is 3 Mbps for a standard-quality live stream where as a 5 Mbps for an HD live stream. However, these are variable depending on your audience, type of network (intranet, ethernet), etc.

Cause - II

Encoder Settings

It may be possible that the encoder set up to process your live stream from your camcorder has been misconfigured, and is not pushing the stream to the publishing point. In this case, your stream will not be broadcasted.


It is important to check if encoder settings are properly configured such as to ensure that the quality renditions of the output stream are compatible with the player that is used to broadcast the stream. Other considerations may include checking the stream name, and authentication details entered to validate the stream in the encoder are the same as defined by the streaming service provider.

Cause - III

Publishing Point Latency

Latency is the delay of the output stream from that of the input stream, which is caused by network congestions and bandwidth limitations. Often, a live stream session is interrupted due to latency issues.


In order to solve it, you must check the latency in your publishing point and choose a plan to configure low-latency streaming for your broadcast. Such plans help the stream to be divided into smaller chunks for a much smoother and faster delivery of content.

Cause - IV

Publishing Point Settings

Sometimes, the quality renditions you select while configuring your publishing point do not match the renditions that you have selected for your output stream in encoder settings. This mismatch results in a conflict during play back and may result in disconnection of stream.


In order to have a seamless live session broadcast, quality renditions set against your publishing point and encoder need to be the same. Ensure that the quality enabled from the publishing point matches with the quality selected in the encoder.

If none of the ways mentioned above work for you, please wait and the live stream may resume when the connection has been re-established.