November 15, 2019

In today's news, the weather at VIDIZMO city just got a lot better. Here are some highlights of what caused it:

What's New

  • We understand your pain of not being able to integrate your SharePoint portal with the latest version of your favourite video content management application... and it's time to celebrate! Enjoy a native-like integration with (m)any of your SharePoint portals now.
  • You can now use ADFS (Active Directory Federation Services) SSO to enter VIDIZMO city, oh I mean log into your VIDIZMO application.
  • Using our seamless (not sweat-less) integration with Zoom, automated fetching, processing and publishing of your Zoom meeting recordings to VIDIZMO portal is as easy as a flick of a wand. Wanna try it out yourself? See: Connect your Zoom App.
  • Added support to serve (or may I say super-stream?) your content directly from Wowza CDN Endpoints using Azure Storage as origin. Whoa. Here's how you can set it up too: Set up Wowza CDN with Azure Blob Storage.

Bug Fixes

  • When you used to join a live session as guest, we used to honor you as a guest more than your name. Oops. Got that fixed.
  • We realized how your users were getting away with media downloads without being tracked using their mouse's right-click. No more, ninjas. We got you!
  • We know how much you love crunching numbers, so we revved up our engines to serve you more accurate tracking results for content within collections and playlists.
  • Your expired mashups were not being displayed in the Top Media stats under your Reports Dashboard. We tightened a few nut bolts to not let them escape anymore.
  • Previewing live stream via Publishing Point, thankfully, has now everything spruced up with the support for latest formats sent via encoder.
  • After a little notch in the flow, you were not able to watch an embedded video using your ForgeRock SSO credentials. Fixed it, folks!
  • If you have already fallen in love with our Studio Space, you know inserting a Quiz or Handout at time 0 has been a little troublesome. Sorry about that. You can now start your video with any interactive media you like!
  • Not to interfere with your video streaming experience, we have made our handout pop-ups sleeker than before (shh, keep watching).
  • As colourful as they are, our Player UI was dulling the shine of your in-video HubSpot forms, and we apologize. Now they glitter within your videos just as they should luring your prospects to fill in their data. Leads rule, always!
  • We have streamlined your experience with interactive videos containing Quizzes, so that you can fill in the questions real quick and resume watching seamlessly.


  • A picture is worth a 1000 words, but we made it worth a million. With some redecor and glitter, our image player shines anew.
  • Billing Reports engines have been refueled to show you data categorized within months now. Previously, the categorization was not as clear.
  • Fine-tuning our VIDIZMO Player took us more than our usual dose of coffee, but we have successfully added support for more formats with greater error-handling capabilities making it a lot smoother. 
  • With a little pick and pluck in the UI, we made the playback experience of Collections all the more delightful for you. It's not that significant, but who doesn't like enhanced aesthetics? Enjoy.
  • Using mops and swobs, we tidied up your Reports Dashboard to present you with the right data in the right manner. Phew, we hope it was worth the effort.