VIDIZMO desktop app updates automatically with no IT administrator intervention required. Whenever an update is available, the app will automatically download the update and install it.  

Note: Due to greater stability and a more robust set of features after every release, we install your updates automatically upon application launch and the older version of the application is no longer usable.

However, if you face any issue with internet connectivity, updates will not download and install automatically. And you will be informed by displaying an intimation Downloading updates failed. 

Manual Installation for Mac

Follow the steps below to download and install updates manually on Mac OS.

i. Click on Download Offline Installer, as shown below. The installer will start downloading in your browser.


ii. Quit the already opened VIDIZMO app by clicking on the Quit button.

iii. Delete the previous version of the VIDIMZO Desktop Application. To learn how to delete an app on your Mac, read How to delete apps on your Mac

Note: It is highly recommend to uninstall and remove the previous version of the Desktop App, otherwise it may result in unforeseen application crashes.

iv. Move the recently installed VIDIZMO installer to the Application folder, and you are done. To learn more about it, read: How to Install Applications On a Mac.

Manual Installation for Windows