07 May 2021

Don’t know about you, but we have already got the summer vibe here at VIDIZMO. You will feel that summer breeze by the ocean in this week’s release.


What's New

  • Manually transferring files is outdated. Now you can synchronize and upload content in any format, from any source to VIDIZMO such as your desktop or any other device with VIDIZMO’s watch folder. You can thank us later.

  • When you are being billed for certain recourses, you would want to make sure you are going beyond the limit, right? Well, guess what? Now you will be notified when you have reached a predefined threshold of consumption on any of your billed resources. Neat, isn’t it?

Bug Fixes

  • Here’s a win for our mobile phone users: The progress bar looks composed on playback page now.

  • The reset password page text looked awkward. We've made it better.

  • Did you notice that “Add personalized Message” text on the add users popup was incorrect? We have revamped that and now you can add the message conveniently using the link.


  • Assigning Role call using SCIM in VIDIZMO is now as quick as lightning. Now, the group of 50 users would be provisioned in just 6 seconds.

  • Finally, the SCIM configuration modal has turned over a new leaf and we have made it much easier. First of all, it’s better aligned now. Plus, defining rules is also much simpler now. And last, the default role field accompanies by a tooltip to better understand what’s happening. Easy peasy.