August 3, 2021 6:02:26 PM


What's New

  • Not all videos need transcoding, or AI processing. We understand! And that’s why we have now given you the choice to automatically process all videos or choose selectively.

Bug Fixes

  • Our DEMS users might have noticed that the folder hierarchy was not truly reflecting where you currently are. A fix so minor that you might not even notice the change.

  • Updated the “About Us” section and the on-screen message says, “Portal Template Saved”. Yeah, something seems to be wrong here. Well no longer!

  • The quiz results page was too cluttered on small screens. We have made a bit of rearrangement and no matter what the score, your results will now look fantastic on screens of all sizes.

  • Users requested a role? But as admins you couldn’t get clear signals as to who they are, what role they want? The email sent to admins when users requested a new role was too vague, and we have now made it more specific.


  • We have got detailed user and group permissions but to what do these permissions apply to – evidence uploaded by users or evidence assigned to users? We have now clarified it next to each permission on the permissions page in the portal.

  • Can’t access original evidence files? The file may not be in a playable format. Apologies for leaving you hanging and in the future, our player will let you know if this is the case.

  • Mobile users can now easily scroll through images and documents without having playback control options jumbled up together.

  • Seeing too many tags on the basic settings page? Our AI is smart but it can overdo it sometimes. We have now introduced a dropdown to organize the tags better.

  • Our billing reports have gotten better. You now get detailed consumption reports for each of your portals.

  • Waiting for your videos to be transcoded? You don’t have to wait that long anymore, as we have improved our transcoding speed by 3x.