August 11, 2021

 What's New

  • Before, failing a quiz in the middle of a video didn’t let you replay even the part of the video before the quiz pops up. Now, users who fail a quiz can replay the video and reattempt the quiz.

  • Managers can now give Contributors permission to process their uploaded media e.g., transcoding, generating transcription, generating insights, etc.

 Bug Fixes

  • The transcription pane was missing spacing between sentences and in certain cases, you even had to scroll horizontally to read full sentences. We’ve sorted out the problem.

  • Downloading the ‘Attempts Overview’ report for SCORM left out the names of users who weren’t part of the portal. Their names are now recorded in the downloaded report.

  • The ‘Top Devices’ chart wasn’t rendering for SCORM content. We’ve fixed it up so now it clearly displays the number of views, impressions, completions and time played for SCORM content.

  • The transcription pane used to ignore when a user was manually scrolling through the pane and drag them along with the video if it was playing. Now, you can scroll through the pane without getting dragged along with the video.


  • You can now see an animation for loading that confirms your action when downloading an ‘Attempts Overview’ report for SCORM.