Sep 08, 2021

 What's New

  • Hide behind the cloak of invisibility or be out in the open? You can now decide! Our new feature now allows users to remain anonymous when commenting on a video.

 Bug Fixes

  • If you added a date as a custom registration field, something would seem off. “dd/mm/yyyy”, that’s how a simple date should show up and will from now onwards.

  • For some users, upon refreshing our QOE reports decided to take a trip to the 1900s – showing charts in shades of black and white. Well, the refresh button will no longer work as a Black and White filter, and your charts will always be radiant.

  • Transcriptions end up coming back even if you deleted them? Well, it’s hard to say goodbye, but our transcriptions now understand that they need to move on.


  • Treasure hunt time! We did a minor makeover to our user interface. So minor that it’s not easy to find. Hint: Look in the live control room.