This is a how-to article for VIDIZMO's redaction feature. Redaction is important to protect PII and it is often needed for compliance and better policing. 

Before you start

If you want to redact PII from a digital evidence, make sure that:

  • The administrator of the portal has allowed redaction activity
  • VIDIZMO indexer or Azure Media indexer is enabled from your portal settings

Steps to redact sensitive information from digital evidences

1. Login to your portal 

i. Click on the hamburger icon

ii. Go to the folder where your evidence is stored

iii. Click on the three dots to see video options

iv. Select Studio Space

2. From the Studio Space, select Redaction

    i. You are using the Redaction feature

    ii. Click Start Scan

    iii. Choose the segment you want to perform scan for

    iv. Select Scanning types

    v. Start Scan


3. The scan will detect for the scanning types you selected in the previous step

    i. The green box is the detection 

    ii. The detected instance is appearing in the Person's tab (It is a demo so we used manual redaction for the butterfly)

    iii. Select the checkbox to see options for detected instance

4. After clicking the checkbox

    i. Click on the Redact icon 

    ii. The selection of the detected person is redacted

5. Select the duration of audio that you want to redact

    i. The sound wave is the audio in the evidence, select the segment you want to redact 

    ii. As we did for the person, check the audio to use the redact option