What's New

Migration to .NET5 Framework & Transformation to Microservices Architecture

  • This is a long-awaited update to the new, stable, secure, and fast .NET5 version 5.0. VIDIZMO has also transformed its architecture to Micro Services Architecture. This Architecture increases flexibility, scalability, and reusability across business. It allows services to run independently, which are independently deployable too. 


  • Now, VIDIZMO has integrated KAFKA as a message broker for communication between microservices. It allows deployment on SaaS as well as on-premise. It also ensures high-throughput, low-latency, durability, scalability, and high-concurrency. 

Import Media API endpoint

  • You have your content on a third-party storage and would like to ingest within VIDIZMO portal? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. VIDIZMO Import API gives you the power of importing contents from a third-party storage while ensuring the highest level of security. This endpoint allows authenticated users to import all sorts of contents including video, audio, documents, and images by tweaking just some attributes in the request body of Import API. 

Download Media API endpoint

  • Download Media API endpoint allows authenticated external users to download published media from VIDIZMO portal. Moreover, you can also choose rendition and download media in that rendition. 

Widgets Authentication using Client Secret

  • All the federated users can now conveniently playback protected media within their system without having to worry about password. VIDIZMO has now built a new password-less authentication mechanism to play authenticated media within widgets. You can easily create single or multiple applications within VIDIZMO Portal to get application ID and client-secret. VIDIZMO widget will smartly use the client-secret, application-id, and user’s email address (registered within VIDIZMO) and play protected media.

 Bug Fixes

  • Click! Click! But no newly uploaded media files appear after clicking on the floating icon of uploading media?
    Click again! Because we have the issue fixed and it is working A-Okay!

  • You won’t be seeing double no more! A single workflow activity appearing twice? Check the Storage Provider screen again because we have it all sorted.

  • Transcoder putting a blind eye to audio files? Maybe it just couldn’t see sound either. But now it can – the functionality of transcoding activity generating multiple renditions for audio files is perfectly operational!

  • Can’t upload on Azure Storage at times? You should, you may, and now you can! Upload failure on Azure Storage has been fixed!

  • Sure, you may be restricted from accessing “some” elements, but getting unauthorized exception messages thrown at you isn’t all that good – but fret not. The issue of unauthorized exception messages being displayed for specific restricted accounts is now fixed!


  • We’ve tweaked our face and person detection somewhat – adding relevance to clipped media. What does that mean? Faces and persons that were part of the parent media but not in the clipped media will not be showing for the latter.

  • Using Azure Video Analyzer, and need the liberty to choose an indexing preset for a desired single media? Now it is possible with our latest enhancement, and we’ve introduced the option in the process modal of every media.

  • The indexing preset you choose = the Insights in Azure Video Analyzer. Make it less confusing on a user level with Insights being in accordance with what indexing preset is chosen!