What's New

Revamped Studio Space

Good ol’ VIDIZMO Studio Space needed a well-deserved revamp and upgrade. Well, here it is! With an entirely new UI, Studio Space gets a new look like never before. Here’s the perks and tidbits that we added into the tool!

  • The ability to add in multiple aspects of engagement to better enhance interactivity.
  • A fresh look and feel to the studio to further enhance the experience.
  • Customized in a way so that it adds ease in performance of various operations on the desired media elements.
  • A dynamic timeline to view your media precisely down to every segment!
  • The ability to zoom in and out of your time scale.
  • Decide on the availability of added interactivity elements form the timeline.
  • A Fabric JS based wide canvas to further enrich the studio space.

 Bug Fixes

  • So you made a few changes here and there and clicked on update, but sometimes you didn’t see them on the Transcription template.
    Well, that’s no longer a hit-or-miss with this bug fix. The new updated changes will now always reflect in the Transcription template.

  • With the drastically different photos some of you took, the system sent out an unauthorized access exception every time you changed your profile picture.
    Don’t worry, the system won’t misidentify you for sporting a mustache in the next profile picture. The issue of an exception of unauthorized access being thrown after changing your profile picture is now resolved.

  • Ingested live streams have quizzes embedded by you. When the quiz pops up the live stream video pauses by default. But here’s where a problem pops up too – the pause icon. The pause icon for the stream supersedes everything and appears on top of the quiz.
    Don’t put too much thought into it. We’ve fixed it and have it executing perfectly fine now!

  • Cherry picking people outside your organization to share a file with, but the system cherry-picks instances to send back an object reference error?
    No worries, that won’t ever happen again. In limited sharing when user is sharing content outside the organization then object reference error has been thrown.