What's New

Widgets SSO

Sick of putting your password for each separate widget? Well, here’s the newest thing at VIDIZMO - Widgets SSO!
Now, a user can use VIDIZMO widgets through password-less authentication mechanism by allowing users to create multiple apps.

Azure Service Bus 

A separate bus line dedicated to Azure Services!

With our architectural change at VIDIZMO with the implementation of Azure Service Bus, we have optimized the overall system’s performance by decoupling applications and relevant services from each other. This managed enterprise message broker consists of message queues and publish-subscribe topics.

 Bug Fixes

  • So, you’re trying to pass in some custom attributes and the system acts like Customs and Border patrol, throwing in an exception?
    Fortunately, with this little fix, all your custom attributes get a pass as the issue of an exception being through when trying to update custom attributes has been fixed.

  • All aboard the portal! Adding in users and groups in bulk. But were several of these crewmates ghosts because we can’t see them, captain!?
    Well, that may no longer happen. The issue of adding users and groups in bulk were not being shown in that portal has been resolved.

  • Can we see sound? Scientifically speaking, we can with a few methods, but an enterprise won’t be needing a preview thumbnail for it on the seek bar.
    Hence, the issue of generating preview thumbnails for audio files has been resolved and sorted out.

  • Want to watch that next video that shows up in the suggestions to the current one? But hey, why does it show a message saying “no media found” upon clicking on it?
    Well, it was less of a “why” question and more of a “how” for our devs at VIDZIMO, who sorted it out and have gotten it fixed to all-good.