Bug Fixes

  • Bulk pushing in many people on to the portal at once, but the head count doesn’t add up so well. Sounds worthy of some concern.
    Well, it won’t sound like anything anymore because the issue of the total number of users being shown for bulk uploading being incorrect has now been resolved.

  • Dropping in Annotations in the media on the top-left corner wasn’t the best idea as the cancel button would get messed up.
    But now that is no longer a problem as the issue of the UI of the cancel button being disturbed in Annotation is fixed.


  • With AI detecting a handful of faces in your media, you decided to click on the “See More” button to see the whole selection and choose which to redact. Now, you're done with that segment for a bit and want the whole list to collapse. How do you do that?
    Simple – click on “See More” again! This new additional functionality will allow you to collapse the entire list back to a minimalistic view.
    Pretty nifty, no?