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VROOM VROOM! Vehicles are present everywhere! Smart vehicles and intelligent transportation system technologies are continuing to alter many aspects of human life.

With that fact established, we know they are bound to appear in several videos, footages, imagery and other forms of digital data.

As a result, technologies like automatic license plate detection (ALPD) have become commonplace in our daily lives. Furthermore, the concept of ALPD has the potential to contribute to a variety of application cases while obviating the need for human participation.

VIDIZMO, in combination with its all-encompassing, robust video content management capabilities, has built AI Indexer to provide enterprises with the power to detect license plates automatically within the videos and later redact them too.

Automatic license plate detection (ALPD) is a computer vision technique that enables VIDIZMO indexer to read license plates on automobiles automatically and quickly, without the need for human intervention.

As a result, VIDIZMO indexer uses ALPD to reliably detect and identify any number plate using videos or photo footage from cameras.

 Bug Fixes

  • So, you add in a user through invitation. Give them the role of contributor. But then disable them. Should that revert them all the way back to merely a feeble viewer?
    No – and that is exactly why we fixed this little bug and now a user regardless of being disabled and enabled again will retain their user role.

  • Sometimes, the media uploaded gets a lot of activity and users will bombard it with comments. You can see all sorts of things from deep discussions to fiery hot arguments in the comment section, much like any other platform that offers social interaction.
    But in a few particular instances, the comment section only displayed the comments added last to the media. The user was unable to see the entire comment section thread but instead only got to see a few of the last comments. Well, that really kills the fun.
    Fortunately for you, we looked into the issue of comments visibility and have sorted out the issue.
    Now you won’t be missing out on any of the tea! (And content moderators too, who’ll be restricting those fussy users hehe)

  • Adding in a whole team of users into the system but the workflow seemed to fail every now and then – that's not very polite, keeping our users waiting from getting their chance to use the ever-evolving VIDIZMO portal.
    Well, no worries! We got it sorted! The bulk users import workflow failure is now working A-okay!

  • So the API had a little bug that needed some tweakin’ to have it fixed. It sometimes crashed, and when it did, “poof!” comes up an app config update.
    We’ve looked into the matter and fixed the issue of API crashes calling on app config updates.

  • Sometimes, a bug would occur that prevented the system to show the correct total of the comments on certain media elements. Certainly frustrating, especially if the comment count matters to you for analytics and more.
    We at VIDIZMO understand your frustration and fixed the issue as a priority – making incorrect comments count on specific media a thing of the past!

  • Getting issues during playback? Using the VIDIZMO app for desktop users? Missing some icons while doing video playback? If the answer was “Yes” to every one of those questions, because it's about to be a “No” from now on – for two of those questions at least.
    The issue of icons missing upon video playback on the VIDIZMO desktop app has been resolved.