Bug Fixes

  • So, our Video Indexer threw an exception for medium model detection in a certain instance. The team sorted it out and has it fixed.

  • Studio Space, as marvelous as it may be, sometimes shows up some bugs and other issues alongside development and implementation of new updates.
    One such bug that showed up was the Lock icon disappearing when zooming out of the screen in Studio Space.
    But like other bugs, this bug too was taken down moments after occurrence.

  • Content Privacy is an important element in VIDIZMO’s architecture, where we employ several mechanisms to allow you to set privacy settings for role-based access control.
    However, a little bug in the system caused a bit of grievance to one of our users, who could not view the default transcription template in the list of transcription templates.
    But the issue has been solved, and what is made accessible to all is viewable by all too!

  • Bulk users can be added via a CSV file which carries the necessary input information needed to add a user into the system.
    However, a small bug caused the workflow to fail upon CSV upload – which resulted in our fellow user adding in each user separately into the system – an iterative process and tiring, nonetheless.
    Fortunately, this issue was caught and cured off immediately and bulk user creation with CSVs are working fine now.

  • The collapsible list panel just travelled across dimensions in the SCIM Azure AD settings, where it appears as white as snow. White on white is as visible as a ghost on a good day.
    Fortunately, this tiny glitch in the CSS was sorted and the UI now allows you to read the settings with ease.

  • Annotations allow you to place notes and comments within your media for later reference. But annotations are not the end of your job – you need to get out of the tool with the close button!
    But the close button was not working as it should and that’s a problem.
    But all this is old news as the team has sorted this glitch out.

  • We can’t have two icons as the same in a single system! How will people know to differentiate!?
    Well, we did, for a teensy weensy bit, when our Media Manager glitched in the Draft section on bulk selecting media, making the publish and unpublish icons the same – oh dear no!
    But hey, took less than a couple of moments to spot that and get it out of the way, with now each of those having individual icons in the Media Manager.

  • Certificate of Completion holds more implementation than one could imagine at first thought. But a bug caused the certificate modal to appear after video completion when Certificate Template was not assigned - that doesn’t sound right.
    Well it doesn’t but what does sound right is the bug being resolved entirely soon after it occurred for the first time.

  • VIDIZMO allows content to be held as drafts for publishing later. This content prior publishing retains a null value for the “Published On” field.
    But a user pointed out an instance where the “Published On” date setting stayed Null even after publishing draft content.
    Fortunately, the matter was investigated ASAP and resolved soon!

  • A little glitch in our beloved Studio Space caused the duration of the video on timeline to appear to increase as the user zoomed in the timeline. Videos don’t get longer if you zoom in to them – or every videographer would be living a life of ease.
    Thus, we zoomed in on to this glitch and sorted out the matter immediately.

  • VIDIZMO is highly accepting of over 255+ file formats and does not stop there – with support being added for several proprietary formats and more! Cool!
    But an unfortunate incident occurred when the processing workflow activity was failing on VIDIZMO Cloud Encoder upon uploading 4k/360/KLV video. No biggie for our experts in the world of video, who sorted this out with a snap!

  • VIDIZMO’s Audit Log allows the user to view logs of up to 30 days by default – a setting which is modifiable to view the record of a different set of days.
    However, a certain UI glitch caused the system to not show the record for 30 days by default – which called for a minor fix and voila! All good!

  • HLS Video showed a little bug when it didn’t work during playback after being encoded by the Cloud Encoder. Perhaps, the encoder encoded it so much it was too much for the player to play – that's a tongue twister right there.
    Regardless, we got control of this situation by fixing it ASAP and have this issue resolved.

  • Thumbnails really give you an insight into what you want to watch or stream. Content titles often prove to lack or simply be insufficient and thumbnails fill in that gap for us.
    However, one fine day, a bug appeared. The Generate Preview Thumbnail activity failed when Blob storage configured without Tenant folder.
    No need to fret over it, as we fixed the issue to get all thumbnails back in place!
    Bug has been terminated!


  • You know how AI works, right? Models get trained with data to be better and better. That’s what we did for our License Plate AI Model, further enhancing detection and making it more efficient and accurate.