What's New

Video Mosaic

VIDIZMO offered Studio Space as a glimpse in the world of video content editing. If that’s how you look at it, let us present to you the main attraction – bringing forth VIDIZMO’s Video Mosaic Tool in the spotlight!
VIDIZMO is now enabling you to create your own customized content by combining multiple tracks, stitching them together as one through using Video Mosaic tool. Videos taken from different angles, location and timing can be combined as one. This tool consists of several editing functionalities to provide you with more control and to make your experience exceptional.

 Bug Fixes

  • When working with an element such as Azure Media Indexer, which allows you to extract insights from both audio and video when the Indexing Preset is set as Default, we would need to be able to access all configurations.
    But a certain bug caused limited configurations to show up in the manually processing content modal show up.
    That’s not nice...
    That’s when we analyzed the cause and fixed this bug, thus allowing the user to view the complete set of configurations when the above mentioned settings were selected.

  • Redaction is one of the key elements of VIDIZMO’s feature sets, and a constantly evolving one. For such a rapidly growing feature, bugs often pop up that are fixed along the way.
    One of the bugs recently showing up was the list of objects to be redacted in the Redaction section of Studio Space to be clipping. Regardless of if it’s a big or small bug, it has been noticed, sorted and fixed.
    Squished away like the annoying little bug it is!

  • In the list of content processing apps, the logo of VIDIZMO Indexer seemed to be clipping a bit. Took less than a fraction of the time a person takes to read these lines to fix it, and yes, it has been fixed.