Bug Fixes

  • We here at VIDIZMO prioritize that the user gets the best UI experience possible, and that’s what we did for this set of bug fixes. A notable region in the Trusted Domain List input seemed to had a UI issue that we resolved immediately. Gotta have the best UI in your workspace to work at your best!

  • Another element that could noticeably improve was the Custom Attribute Selector Icon in the Users and Groups, which also had a certain UI issue that was immediately resolved.

  • A nifty thing about VIDIZMO is the Watch Folder feature. Just drop in what you want uploaded in there and let the portal ingest it like *swoosh!* and in it goes!
    Apparently, it wasn’t working for a few users, but we’ve got that little bit sorted. No biggie, fellas.

  • The Video Mosaic Tool is an incredible asset added into VIDIZMO’s set of features. But every now and then, an evolving feature will have some nasty bugs pop up – that’s a part of software development.
    One tiny little worm of a bug was the Media Info of Video Mosaic not showing up as “Processing” when it was in the processing state. Nonetheless, this squiggly worm has been squished and the issue has been resolved.

  • VIDIZMO offers powerful sharing controls. But a bug was once noticed when in Limited Sharing of a media, the Username tended to disappear when the file was shared multiple times.
    Imagine the end-user believing the files being shared by a ghost or phantom! Well, no more ghost stories here, just bugs to kill, like this one we just talked about and already sorted out.

  • VIDIZMO’s Audit Log holds a complete record of everything happening in the system, and allows the permitted users to filter it to see specific data. But something was wrong with the UI when it came to select the date on the table.
    Well, the point to note here is that it “was” wrong. Now, you’ll face no issue when you use the date selector in the Audit Log Table.

  • All the latest browsers allow multiple tabs as a key feature, and VIDIZMO is supported on these browsers. But a weird little bug was observed for some users that when video/audio was in playback in the player, if the browser tab was switched it would cause the playback to pause.
    This occurrence may prove to be a hinderance in some use cases – and team VIDIZMO will not let that happen! So, we had our team look into the issue and test it thoroughly to prevent any recurrence!

  • VIDIZMO Studio Space gets vaster with every passing day and expands with new features and more. That often invites trouble, as with each new development in any software around the world, there is a possibility of bugs popping up. Eek!
    What we saw right now was the Studio Space timeline getting buggy when a quiz and a survey were dropped into a single media. Maybe Studio Space had a mind of its own and suffered an information overload...
    But hey, no need to think over it too much. We’ve sorted the issue out and fixed the bug ASAP!