VIDIZMO’s flexible and open architecture allows you to easily integrate and leverage your existing IT investments, allowing you to build on VIDIZMO platform in the technology of your choice, host your application and content where you prefer, ingest content from different sources, and publish it where your audience exists.

1) Single Sign-On Integration: VIDIZMO provides secure single sign-on integration with any identity provider, including SAML-P, ADFS, Microsoft Azure Active Directory, Okta, OneLogin, and more, to achieve user synchronization via an authentication process using SSO. The user can also be authorized to share content on social media sites and can be authenticated from third-party sources such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Learn more about Understand Single Sign-On in VIDIZMO.

2) HTML Embed Code Integration: VIDIZMO allows its users to embed digital media files using iframe. With iframe, developers enjoy the flexibility to alter the embed code dynamically by adjusting to the viewer’s software configuration and settings.

3) VIDIZMO HTML Widgets: VIDIZMO Widgets are an easy solution to showcase and playback your media in any website or content management system (CMS) via simple HTML embed codes. Customers can authenticate viewers, customize look and feel via CSS, and build your own experiences, quickly and easily without any hardcore programming knowledge.

4) VIDIZMO API: With VIDIZMO API, you can completely customize, extend and integrate VIDIZMO with your applications while also building your own custom portal, media applications, or workflows without worrying about the complexities of storage, encoding, distribution, streaming, scalability, etc.

5) SharePoint Integration: VIDIZMO provides out-of-the-box and seamless integration with Microsoft SharePoint. Viewers can securely access Portal content via SSO in a familiar SharePoint interface.

6) Learning Management Systems (LMS): VIDIZMO works with all major Learning Management Systems which include Moodle, Blackboard, LTI, D2L, Workday, and Canvas.

7) Online Meeting Tools Integration (Zoom and BlueJeans): VIDIZMO allows seamless integration with Video Conferencing Apps for automated processing, storage, management, and sharing of recorded online meetings from your VIDIZMO Portal.

8) Encoding Services: VIDIZMO offers the following four Encoding Providers. However, organizations can utilize any encoding provider of their choice through some configuration and customization by VIDIZMO Support.

  • VIDIZMO Cloud Encoder
  • Azure Media Services (AMS Standard and Premium)
  • VIDIZMO On-Premise Encoder
  • AWS MediaConvert

9) Tracking (Google Analytics and Woopra): VIDIZMO allows seamless integration with Tracking Apps to provide enhanced analysis of various activities such as user engagement for increased monitoring within the Portal

10) Support (Freshdesk Support and Freshdesk Live Chat): VIDIZMO allows seamless integration with Support Apps to provide added convenience to users for reporting, tracking and resolving end-users' queries.

11) Content Processing: VIDIZMO allows seamless integration with Content Processing Apps for incorporating enhanced Video insights and transcription capabilities into your Video management Portal.

  • Rev Transcription: Rev Transcription powers your content with enhanced readability and accessibility via auto-transcription as well as manual transcription of your Videos with spellbinding accuracy.
  • Azure Video Indexer: Azure Video Indexer allows you to extract various forms of meaningful information from within a Video using AI for enhanced insights and in-depth analysis.
  • AWS Video Indexer: AWS Video Indexer allows you to extract faces, labels, and transcription from Videos using powerful AI libraries by AWS.
  • VIDIZMO OCR: VIDIZMO OCR allows you to efficiently extract visual text within your content into an editable text document.

12) Cloud & CDN: Use VIDIZMO’s shared cloud or bring your own private cloud to host application, content, or both. VIDIZMO supports Microsoft Azure and other 3rd party CDNs like Wowza for delivering content to a geographically dispersed audience.

Watch Video: Integration with Existing Applications