The VIDIZMO Portal takes the user to the Activate License screen.


VIDIZMO license is deactivated due to one of the following reasons:

- VIDIZMO Portal's license has expired

- The license file was tampered.


VIDIZMO package License needs to be activated. 


1. If the issued License has expired, then you need to contact VIDIZMO Support to have it renewed. Once you have received confirmation that the license has been renewed, re-insert the License key by following instructions in the article How To Activate VIDIZMO License.

Note: The license key does not change, it just gets deactivated and users are unable to log in to the VIDIZMO Portal.

To obtain a new license, contact VIDIZMO Sales or send an email to VIDIZMO Support.


2. If the license file was tampered with which made it inoperable, contact VIDIZMO Support.