VIDIZMO Playlist

In VIDIZMO, a playlist is a compilation of audio and video content that is grouped together in a logical order for the viewers to register the content sequentially and help form a structured understanding. You can create multiple playlists on VIDIZMO to organize media files.

The content can be organized in different playlists to ensure easy access. Playlists offer a comfortable browsing experience by enabling the users to stream relevant content in one sitting without going through the hassle of searching subject-based content with unwanted delays. Moreover, the tracking of content within the playlist is independent of devices. Thus, viewers can pause surfing the content at any instance and can resume from where they left irrespective of the device they are using.

Note: A user can not add any new media while creating a playlist. Only the existing published media can be included in a playlist. 

Before you start

  • Administrators, Managers and Moderators can create, edit and delete a playlist.
  • Only those users can view a playlist who have the viewing access with respect to the Portal's Security Policy.

Playlist Options in VIDIZMO

VIDIZMO Playlist enables the users to organize and classify the already existing content.

By selecting the Add New Media button on your bottom right, you can:

  • Create Playlist: The following options facilitate the user in creating a playlist:
    • Sort:  The user can sort the Media content based on Most Recent, Relevance, Title, Longest, Most Viewed, Total Likes and Popularity.
    • Search: Enables a user to search for the required content to be added in the playlist.
    • Drag and drop: To add content in the playlist, a user has to drag and drop the content in the left pane as shown in the screen below. Moreover, a user can remove a media by hovering over and clicking on the cross icon that appears over the content.
    • Title:  The user can define the playlist name which helps in creating a distinct identity of the playlist.
    • Count: This keeps track of the number of media files added in the playlist.

  • The user is then required to configure Publishing settings for the playlist. These include:
    • Basic Settings: The user needs to define the Title, Category, Tags, Description and Author's Name. A random thumbnail for the content is set by VIDIZMO. However, a user can upload a custom thumbnail.
    • Publish: The Publish tab allows the user to set sharing and embedding options along with the following:
      • Playlist Settings:
        • Autoplay: Autoplay enables users to start viewing content as soon as the player loads on the viewer's screen.
        • Enforce Order: Enforce Order allows you to force viewers to first completely view the media in the list before moving on to the next file in the playlist. If this option is enabled, the media listed later in the list is also disabled (grayed out) and not available for viewing even if the viewer wishes to view it.
        • Auto Advance: Enabling this feature allows viewers to watch media sequentially without having to manually select the next media from the list.
        • Loop: As the name suggests, the playlist will loop back to the first after playing back the last media on the list. All the media files continue to play in a loop until the playlist is paused or stopped manually.
    • Access: The Access tab in the Playlist Settings manages the availability and accessibility of the playlist such as who can access the playlist, from where and the time during which it will be available and then expire. 
    • Custom Attributes: The user can also set custom attributes for the playlist. These attributes are defined at portal-level. Read more about it here: Understanding Library Settings. 

 To learn about these parameters, read more about it here: Understanding Media Settings.

  • Manage Playlist: Navigate to Media Manager to manage an existing playlist, with the following available options:
    • Settings: The user can modify Publishing for the playlist from Media Manager.
    • Analytics: VIDIZMO allows you to analyze the usage of your uploaded content on a continuous basis. VIDIZMO generates these analytics for every playlist being created, helping users to assess its performance. Read more about it here: Understanding Media Analytics.
    • QoE: VIDIZMO provides out-of-the-box analytics to its customers for tracking the end-user's Quality of Experience (QoE). Read more about it here: 

      Understanding Media Quality of Experience (QoE).

    • Edit Playlist: This enables the user to add, remove and change order of the content within the playlist.

In order to learn about the steps to create or edit a playlist, read more about it here: How to Create or Edit a playlist.

  • Delete Playlist: A user has the ability to remove a playlist from the Portal. Moreover, a user can also unpublish a playlist.

In order to learn about the steps to delete a playlist, read more about it here: How to Delete a playlist.