In Enterprise Video Content Management systems, it is of elemental need for businesses to streamline the management of media in order to optimize how users use, interact with and navigate through the media within their application system. 

VIDIZMO allows you to manage your media centrally without putting you through the hassle of accessing and managing your content from various sections within the application.  In addition to adding new media, Media Manager helps you keep track of your drafts, media pending approval, published media, expired media and comments on your portal’s media. 


Media Tabs

Let’s discuss what each one of them has to offer: 

  1. Add New media tab is the most fundamental of VIDIZMO’s features that allows users to upload media to their portal for various business needs. To learn more about it, see: How to Upload Media 
  2. Review allows you to moderate user-generated content (UGC) from the ease of a single window. It enlists all media requests and provides options to either approve/reject each media. It also allows the user to sort the requests for greater convenience. To learn more about it, see: How to Moderate Media
  3. Drafts help you manage unpublished media which was saved after upload to be published at a later point in time due to any reason. It displays a consolidated list of all your drafts, while providing various options for every draft. Whenever you feel like your media is ready to greet the world, you can publish your draft(s) right away. To learn more about it, see: How to Save Media as Draft
  4. Published media displays a chronological list of all media published on the portal, which helps in centralized content management. If you find unwanted media, you can unpublish them to your drafts. There are a list of other options that help you organize, use and share your media more efficiently.
  5. Expired media enlists the media whose date of expiry has been reached. The expiry policy of media can be configured within its respective access settings that allow you to specify the duration for which a media will be available on the Portal.
  6. Recycle Bin contains media that has been deleted from the platform, but can be restored if required. After expiry of the retention period set in the portal, the media is permanently purged from the portal with no point of recovery.
  7. Comments section tabulates all comments associated with the portal’s media in three convenient categories: 

i. Approved consists of all the comments previously approved and are now published where they were posted. The list is maintained against the videos where the comments were posted along with the date of moderation. 

ii. Pending consists of all the comments currently under moderation that require approval to be posted. You can check pending comment requests here and select comment(s) to approve or reject them using bulk selection. 

iii. Rejected enlists those comments that have been rejected while moderation. They can either be permanently deleted or approved later on in time.

Note: In order to view Review tab and Comments categories, the Content and Comments Moderation must be enabled in your portal.

Additionally, Media Manager helps segregate content for ease of accessibility and management in the following main categories: 


The filters option in Media Manager helps you filter the content on the basis of:

  • Format: This filter helps you sort media in the Media Manager screen by their types i.e. Video, Audio, Collection so on, and so forth.
  • Author: If you need to get the media submitted by a specific portal user, then you can get the desired results using this Author filter.
  • Custom Attributes: If you have configured Custom Attributes in your portal and want to get a sorted list of your media on the basis of those, then you can use Custom Attributes filter.
  • Tag: The Tags filter is used to get that media which has the selected Tag in its metadata.

Selected Media Section

VIDIZMO equips its users with a comprehensive set of options against every media via Media Manager that helps them intelligently edit, use, and analyze media within their portal., for example, Studio Space will only appear if an authorized portal user selects video content here.

  1. Settings: For configuring publish settings, access rights, external sharing of media, etc. To learn more about it, see: Understanding Media Settings

  2. Analytics and Quality of Experience (QoE) report for further insights into its usage statistics.
    To learn more about these, see: Understanding Media Analytics and Understanding Media Quality of Experience (QoE) 

  3. Studio Space:  To make your video interactive by adding multiple aspects of engagement to your content, such as quiz, surveys, notes, and attachments to complement your video, etc. Click here to learn more about Studio Space.
  4. Live Control Room: For controlling live webcasts, this option only appears upon selection of Live Streamings
  5. Survey Report: This option appears upon the selection of a Survey. Clicking on it will take you to the detailed report of that Survey.
  6. Edit Survey: This option appears upon the selection of a Survey. A click on it will take you to the edit settings of that Survey.
  7. Quiz Report: This option appears upon the selection of a Quiz. A click on it will take you to the detailed report for the selected Quiz.
  8. Edit Quiz: This option appears upon the selection of a Quiz. A click on it will take you to the edit setting of that Quiz.

Media Overflow Menu

Once you click on the overflow menu of certain media, VIDIZMO intelligently displays the more media controls which are listed below

  1. Edit allows you to clip media and generate a new thumbnail for it. To learn more about it visit How to Edit Media from Media Manager 

  2. Comments allows you to view comments for each video with a clear categorization of them as pending, approved or rejected. To learn more about it visit How to Moderate Comments

  3. Embed allows you to embed media on any website other than the application. To learn more about it visit How to Embed Media on Other Platforms

  4. Copy Link allows you to copy link of the media for external sharing. To learn more about it visit How to Copy Link of Media

  5. Copy allows you to copy media from your Portal to any other Portal(s) with the ease of a single.

  6. Re-upload allows you to re-upload media if the original upload was unsuccessful/unsatisfactory.

  7. Media Info allows you to view information about the media such as its size, frame size, video bitrate, etc.

  8. Delete allows you to delete media from the portal.

  9. Publish/Unpublish option is available in Drafts, Published media and Expired media. You can publish your drafts and expired media to make them accessible on the portal, or unpublish unwanted media from the list of published media. 

  10. Approve/Reject option is available in the Review tab that allows the users to approve/reject the content that requires moderation

  11. Restore option is only applicable to deleted media. They can be recovered from the Recycle Bin tab.

Bulk Media Actions

Media Manager also gives the functionality of bulk media actions. These controls enable you to copy, publish/unpublish, delete, edit media, and much more on a single click by selecting the desired media in bulk.

Roles and Permissions 

Administrators, Managers and Moderators have access to the Media Manager feature in VIDIZMO.